A Whirlwind Tour of Romania

There is no such Draculas on this Dracula Land. Leave behind all the Dracula stories and discover the landscape and medieval places while on Tour of Romania. Romania has been on the extreme side of visitors, either not been visited due to Spooky and scary Dracula stories or visited the most because of its Undiscovered and unspoiled fascinating and cultural landscapes. Both the ways it is famous but here we will let you know why you should have a tour of Romania barring the Dracula land.

Places to Explore (Romania City)-

Romania’s capital city, Bucharest is rich in Communist society as well as has all modernisms with commercialism taking over in recent time. There are lot many churches, communist places to visit, the biggest parliament palace as well as some of the beautiful gardens, which you cannot miss to afford.

The next place while on Tour of Romania should be Transylvania. Known badly because of the place of Dracula, Transylvania is actually naturally inclined. It has the huge Carpathian Mountains and has wildlife, which is less explored. Stay at some local villages and know the beauty of Romania.

A must visit on the tour of Romania is the Danube delta. It is the biggest delta region in Europe with falling over from 1700 miles. The wildlife in the delta region can be explored via having a stroll, hiking, and boating as well. Visitors come to see various species of birds, animals and enjoy in the lap of It is considered to be the biggest bird watching place in entire Europe.

  • If you are an explorer and a bit adventurous, there are so many hiking places in Romania like Mount Tamba, which you can enjoy while on tour of Romania.
  • Also, a little village of Moldova, which is hardly explored in Europe, is known to have the world’s biggest and worst nuclear disaster known as Chernobyl.
  • Romania can be called as home to museums. There are about 400 museums in Romania with capital city Bucharest having among the maximum museums in the country.
  • To cover the artistic Romanian culture and explore what’s beyond Dracula in Romania, Have a Tour of Romania including places like Danube Delta, Transylvania, Bucharest, Brasov, Moldova, and Budapest.

There is an increase in a number of tourists every year going by the unexplored places visitors have discovered in Romania. Many of them are traveling back to Romania having Multiple Tours of Romania just to induce themselves more in knowing about Romania. The whole article was aimed to let you know regarding what Romania boasts off apart from being called as Land of Dracula!