All in One Guide for Danube Delta Tour

Come, visit and stay in the lap of the nature in Danube Delta. Danube River is one of the most natural rivers one can find in the Earth forming borders to several countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Ukraine, and Austria and to country capitals like Budapest, Vienna, Belgrade, and Bratislava.

The Delta formed due to River Danube has 3 channels namely: – Chilia located at North, Sfantu Gheorghe at South and Sulina at the Centre. The Danube Delta has been formed almost 10,000 years ago and it still grows every year because of the Alluvia deposited at the riverbanks. There have been lot many people who search for Danube Delta Tour so we provide you all the information regarding Danube Delta.

Danube Delta Excursions-

The Danube River is 1788 miles long flowing from Black Forest of Germany to the Black Sea. Danube Delta is more famous among the visitors for its Wild Life sanctuary. Visitors can have a weekend gateway or have a 2 day long Danube Delta Tour. There are many migratory birds as well especially in spring season which are a delight for bird watchers. Have a walk around the bird colonies, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve and explore the beauty of nature.

To visit the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, one has to take prior permissions. It remains closed on Weekends and is open from Mon to Friday from morning 8 to evening 4. The fee charged is RON 10 which is approx. $4. For Hunting and fishing permit has to be taken separately.

It is recommended to have at least 3 days Danube Delta Tour with staying at some local villages too. There are several of Hotel and accommodation facilities available in the Delta. You can also have a Campsite at pre-specified locations.

Places to Explore-

Chilia Arm-

The Boat rides between Tulcea and Periprava moving from certain villages in between have Greek history. Each and every stop has some or the other fascinating history and wildlife preserved. One can even have stayed in nearby villages to explore more but can be done with prior permission and bookings.

Sulina Arm-

The Boat ride between Tulcea and Sulina having stopped at 3 villages having a vast array of wildlife species. There are several waterways and lakes along with the villages having beautiful birds and animals.

Sfantu Gheorghe Arm-

The Boat ride between Tulcea & Sulina with stops at interesting villages covers this belt. These are the ancient villages of Romania which are now basically Fishing villages. Sfantu Gheorghe village is famous for its local and authentic traditional cooking. The village has a beach along the Black sea coast. You can even have an overnight stay and go for a canoe ride, have old wine and enjoy the sunset along the Black sea Coast.


It is the starting point for almost all Danube Delta Tour as well as for Cruises, which started around 1000 years back. Sulina is a port town and has a great history of water adventure and sea pirates. The Sulina Town has a 60 Ft high Lighthouse just in the center of the town which was built in the year 1802.There is a beach in Sulina where one can have a peaceful walk along.

Interesting Facts

  • The Climate in Danube Delta is Continental. There are mere 18 inches of rainfall every year.
  • There are among 300 bird species, around 3400 animal species ranging from bear, wolf, fish and wildcats and 1700 plant species.
  • Around 15000 people reside alongside the Delta having low scale business mainly fishing.
  • There is a Turkish Influence and Greek-Roman tradition followed in the nearby Villages.
  • Access: – One can reach either by Ferry/Boat from Tulcea or Road Transport.
  • Therefore, while you are deciding upon which trip to go on while visiting Europe, Danube Delta Tour is a must and you would definitely enjoy!