Night Clubs In Bucharest

The Most Amusing Night Clubs In Bucharest You Can Find

When you are traveling to Romania, Bucharest probably is your first or the most important destination in this land. You can find most of the group tours in Romania that originate from Bucharest. Bucharest is a perfect example of a modern European city that has the old preserved and has the new thriving into its surface. In the same accord, you can find several night clubs in Bucharest that will make you alive and your Romania tour worthwhile. This post explores some of the most glamorous venues you can find in Bucharest.

Some of The Best Night Clubs in Bucharest

Bucharest is as much famous for its night clubs in Romania as for its art and history museums. In almost every season, these night clubs are full at the weekend. These hip clubs are the center of the Romanian nightlife and you can explore them in your Bucharest night trips. Take a look at some of the top night clubs in Bucharest that you must visit if you are planning to spend some days (and nights) in Bucharest.

Control Club

When talking about night clubs in Bucharest, the name of Control Club might top everyone’s list. Reason? It is the best place in town where you can always enjoy music and spend a fun night with friends. Control Club started off as a place for live acts and indie music but soon became the city’s epicenter for talent experimentation. Local bands, producers, and DJs can be found here to start off their journey with a local crowd. Besides the great music and delicious food, the ambiance of the place is always spectacular. The club also features a lovely outdoor terrace that is urban has an urban mood all over it and is probably the best place chill out, relax or have a casual conversation with drinks.

In Control Club, you will always find diversity in both local and international acts. Though in the last few years, electronic music is predominantly played in the club. Unnaturally, Tuesday is the best day to go to this club and have a blast with your friends. While Wednesdays will give you 50% off on all drinks. If you are looking for a place where you can chill with your friends or enjoy loud electronic music, this is it for you.

Silver Church

Popularized among the youth because of its good food and affordable prices, Silver Church is the hot night club destination for the students. It runs as a gastropub by day and after hours becomes one of the trendiest night clubs in town. The club is airy, plays an assorted selection of music and the prices are reasonable; which make it an attractive destination especially for the students. Apart from that, you can get 1+1 beers and wine on selected days.


Counting down things to do in Bucharest nightlife, the night clubs that will come on every local’s fingers would surely have Expirat’s name for one thing. Running in the city for quite some time, it has recently been shifted to a new location near Parcul Carol, little outside the city. An abandoned factory has been revamped and turned into this night club. The club features a lot of local bands and DJs with a handful of familiar names. The cool vibe of the place and unique music make it popular among the youth.


Kulturhaus Bukarest

Kulturhaus Bukarest is another club loved by students for its chill vibes and the low prices. It regularly hosts photo exhibitions, theatre acts and music concerts at day. By night, it transforms into a popular music club transmitting the spirit of New York and Berlin into the visitors.

Kristal Glam Club

Mahony x Kristal Club

Mahony playing right now at Kristal Club.Streaming by Clubb'IncJames Zabiela [ Balance Series ] x Mahony | Kristal Club

Publicată de Kristal Club pe 14 Aprilie 2018


Voted the best club in Romania six times by a local specialized website and the best club in South-East Europe, Kristal Glam Club is the venue for most spectacular music events in the city. If you dig electronic music, this place should not be missed while roaming the city.

The club is appreciated by many local and foreign DJs and it also was ranked 28th in the DJ Mag’s Top 50 Clubs in the World. Several big names have played here and they also host live concerts here. The club features a giant chandelier after which it was named so.

Bordello Bar

Bordello is a place that is alive with music and always exciting to go to. The food is also good and the drinks are reasonably priced. The place is loud, funky and best to be enjoyed with friends. It also has funny photographs in the men’s toilets. The evenings are filled with live music which is very exciting and grabs all the attention. Live music is played from Monday to Thursday and DJs perform on Friday and Saturday.

These were the most popular and the best night clubs in Bucharest. If you want to party and in the mood for some good dancing, it is best to book a table or to arrive early and they will find a table for you. For people who take dance as a serious business, a table is probably not needed. Roam the other fun places in Romania with night tours from Bucharest and see what this amazing country has got to offer to you.

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