Best Clubs In Bucharest

Some Of The Best Clubs In Bucharest You Should Spend Your Time In

If you are on a trip to Romania, you must take a look at some of the best clubs in Bucharest that will make you want to go clubbing again. For the folks who love to go out and have fun – days and nights, Club is the best place to do it. Then why would they keep themselves away from fun in a lively city like Bucharest? Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is a magnificent city which lives its life 24×7. The city is as much modern as it is traditional which makes for an exceptional touring experience. There are a lot of amazing places to visit in Romania, and no visit to Romania can be complete without enjoying the lovely city of Bucharest. And clubbing is what would make it a wholesome experience.

The Best Clubs In Bucharest – What’s There For You?

Bucharest is a lively place, best for hanging out with friends. The club culture of Bucharest gives you a lot to explore the city as well as enjoy partying with friends in clubs. When we talk about the best clubs in Bucharest, they may be easy-going or flamboyant, but have one thing in common – the fun associated with them. There are many bars, pubs, clubs and swanky venues for the young and energetic people in Bucharest, the best clubs in Bucharest are many which can be hit once or multiple times depending on how you liked the place. Here, we have prepared for a list of a few selected spots which are more than likely to come to your radar if you are really hunting for the best clubs in Bucharest.

For someone who is not that much into clubbing and all, these clubs were almost like a fresh new thing which came as kind of a surprise. You can enjoy your best time here in Bucharest at these clubs and might even make up your mind for repeated visits also.

Some great and cool clubs where you will love to hang out with your friends or alone too when you are on a trip to Romania are here for you. Check them out and see which one you are going to first.

Gaia Club

One of the newest clubs in the town which might not even be there on a Romania travel guide is the Gaia Club. Gaia is not so spacious but coming up on the scene very quickly. The club is very small as per the other clubs; having just a small stage for dancers, a little bar in the middle and an equally small place for the turntable – the music junction. Despite being small, the club has its own fun vibe. This club basically has theme parties which people enjoy a lot. The theme could be the 80s, Chic, Ghetto, etc. and the music is played according to it. Moreover, the regular visitors also follow the theme by dressing up for it. It is also a great place to meet new people where you find it easy to start a conversation. People dance and sing and let go here.

Fratelli Club

This club is really unique in the way that it does not have any dance floor but is no less entertaining. The capacity of the place is large; probably can hold a thousand people in it. The music of the place is great containing all the popular playlists of pop, rap and soul songs with the latest trending mixes with the DJ. Another great thing about the place is the bar which is the center point of attraction of the whole place. There are these bartenders who put up amazing tricks in Cocktail. The colder colors of the club make it kind of more sophisticated. The place is a little different from most clubs and is a great spot for business meetings as well. But to experience its entertaining atmosphere and magnificent shows, you can surely give it a visit.

Player Summer Club

The place is so huge it might even make you forget about dance and music. The Player Summer Club is the unconventional music club which might appear you more like a town festival or a fete. Built on a whopping scale with huge Greek pillars dividing the open air rooms, a long ramp where artist perform and a swimming pool in the middle, the place gives you a lot to take in at first sight. Regular astounding performances of artists singing, dancing, jugglers doing their thing and fire spitting gigs are held here which is just amazing. With a large variety of elements to choose from, the place appeals to several different tastes. Very popular among the locals, the Player Summer Club is an indispensable part of Romania nightlife.

Bamboo Club

If you are thinking of a place where you can enjoy good music, but also talk with your friend in private then the Bamboo Club is kind of perfect for you. The huge candelabras and striking lights are the highlights of the place. Colored in heavy and attractive hues, it looks somewhat like a lounge due to its much more relaxed environment. You can go to Bamboo for a party and to relax with friends because of its chilled out vibe.


If you are planning to take a longer stay in Bucharest before or after taking up day tours from Bucharest to explore other places in Romania, you can enjoy your days and nights in these wonderful clubs. After a stressful week full of travelling, one can ask for what more than a splendid night with friends at a great spot. So go and find your favorite place in Bucharest.


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