The Best Places To Eat And Stay In Bucharest

The Best Hotels In Bucharest You’ll Love Staying In

Bucharest became the capital of Romania in 1862 and is one of the largest cities in Southeast Europe. It is the center of Romanian art, culture and media. The elegant buildings in the city make for the city’s rich architecture. The best hotels in Bucharest, you would find, are mostly close to the city center.

With its incredible history, delicious food and great nightlife, Bucharest gives you so much that you won’t keep to your hotel room for sure. But even the most adventurous of the trips need a nice resting place for the day to end. With so many options, it becomes very difficult for you to find the right hotel that serves as a great place for you to stay in the city.

The Best Hotels In Bucharest – The Favorite Accommodations

Bucharest’s architecture is really amazing and tells us about the art and history of the country. Sadly, a big portion of Bucharest was wrecked during the communist’s era. But the Old Town and several other places still survive and are a treat to the visitors. You can find some of the best pubs, restaurants, shops and some of the best hotels in Bucharest in the Old Town region. Apart from the Old Town, the Tineretului region also has several good value options in terms of hotels with adequate connectivity by transport.

If you are on a trip to Bucharest, you’ll certainly want to know the best hotels where you can stay and relax. This post presents you with those options which you will find useful in your journey planning.

Golden Tulip:- Golden Tulip

After exhausting day tours from Bucharest, you need a place to rest comfortably. Situated in Caleavictoriei, Golden Tulip Bucharest is exactly that kind of place. You will love to stay at the place and would feel in amazement more often than not, just chilling, getting some genuinely necessary rest and personal time, and looking out of its huge windows on the eighth floor watching the dazzling city Bucharest is.

Profoundly suggested if you appreciate classic designs with a modern quirk and large statures with comfort. Golden Tulip will surely make the list of every traveler looking for the best Bucharest Romania hotels.

K+K Elisabeta Boutique Hotel:-

K+K Elisabeta Boutique Hotel in Bucharest is a beautiful new dazzling piece of architecture situated near the Universitate Metro Station and a couple of kilometers from the Palace of the Parliament. It has a cutting-edge plan, with an outside porch deck that presents a portion of the finest engineering in the city. The place is simply adorable.

The complimentary breakfast buffet is offered there with numerous enticing options. There’s also an inviting little bar/bistro on the ground level and a gym plus recreation center with sauna on the lower level.

Crowne Plaza Hotel Bucharest:-

Crowne Plaza Hotel Bucharest:-

If you are searching for a super comfy hotel with an inviting staff, a yummy buffet breakfast, all around situated between the downtown area and the airport, Crowne Plaza Hotel Bucharest is a great choice.

The rooms are great and lovely. Above all else, it has the Sleep Advantage program which gives you an astounding aromatherapy kit to rest like a child. Additionally, the quality of the sheets and cushions are extraordinary. Some of its corridors are super quiet at night. Other than that, some rooms have a stationary bicycle inside for exercise also! You have no reason at all to do your workout at any hour you needed. It is a brilliant and certainly one of the best hotels in Bucharest.

The Novotel Bucharest:-

The Novotel Bucharest will enchant you with their speedy registration and a plate of cheese and olives in your room. I adored remaining at this modern lavish hotel, which holds its noteworthy façade and is found just a couple of minutes stroll from Old Town. The porch has an excellent perspective of the city’s great design, which shapes the ideal setting for photographs. You can have a European breakfast outside on the restaurant patio and taste Romanian wines in their hip entryway bar.

Little Bucharest:-

Try not to give the name a chance to delude you. In spite of being a hostel, Little Bucharest has various private rooms that in addition to being comfy, they are extremely adorable. In any case, the best part is that they offer a portion of the best views over the avenues of the Old Town, making it one of Bucharest’s most lovely spots with photos that you can share on your social network.

Its area in the city’s commotion implies that you don’t need to go far for the best restaurants, bars and bistros. In any case, regardless of whether you don’t like leaving the lodging by any stretch of the imagination, simply remain in and appreciate a couple of beverages and those lovely views from the balcony at the bar. The local atmosphere permeates the inn and you won’t be able to resist blending in.

Orhideea Residence and Spa:-

With apartment style suits, the Orhideea Residence and Spa is a magnanimous hotel with spacious rooms or apartments for staying in. The hotel is great for business trips, family tours. There are regular disc and stag parties at weekends. Every apartment highlights huge windows and a gallery. What’s more, if those perspectives aren’t sufficiently great for you, the included breakfast served on the eleventh floor presents all enchanting scenes of the city.

The lower three stories are home to Bucharest’s greatest spa, covering more than 32,000 sq. ft. Regardless of whether you’re planning to work out, get invigorated or unwind, there’s something for everybody there.

Bucharest is a great city that gives you an experience of a lifetime if you go there. You’ll certainly consider this guide to the best hotels in Bucharest useful when you are in the city. Find here the best tour options for exploring the amazing city of Bucharest and the wonderful country of Romania.