Bucharest Urban Adventure Tours

Bucharest Urban Adventure Tours – (Tradition of Bucharest City)

Bucharest is the city of historical monuments, which held great stories of old Romania. There are many ways of exploring this beautiful city. You can choose different tour options to get closer to the culture and tradition of Bucharest.

But, if you want to make your trip exciting and full of adventure, then the urban adventure tours are the best option. The urban adventure tours provide new opportunities to discover Bucharest in your own way.

Hiring the story of the dark history of this nation can be interesting, but exploring the signs of history on your own is matchless. The urban adventure tours offer many activities at most popular places of Bucharest.

Here We Have Arranged Some Amazing Urban Adventure Tours That Will Make Your Trip Unforgettable.

1-Bohemian market walking adventure tour-

In this tour, you will get services of professional guides, which are expert in their field. In this tour, you will see the lifestyle of locals and the charm of the bohemian market. Here you can shop amazing items for you. The tour is based to explore markets of Bucharest at your own way. The guide will add interesting tasks in this walking tour, which will make your experience amazing.

2-Gourmet cooking classes tour-

The gourmet cooking classes’ tour offers you to learn the traditional dishes of Romania. This place welcomes non-professional peoples. Under this tour, you will cook your meal by your own under the guidance of experts. They offer a great range of different engaging activities, cooking lessons, team-building activities, and coffee workshop. In the end of this tour, you will get some good knowledge of traditional dishes.

3-Mojo sailing adventure tour-

If you want to fill your trip with thrilling adventures, then you should go for this tour. The mojo sailing provides an opportunity for yachting and sailing in the black sea. You can rent the sailboats for racing and cruising. In this tour, you will get the assistance of professional guides, who will make assurance of your safety. You can join small groups or choose private tour as per your preference.

4-Hidden gems of Bucharest adventure tour-

The Bucharest is the city, where you can visit uncountable historical places, museums, pubs, markets and beautiful gardens. You can cover all the famous places of Bucharest in a one-day city tour. But, if you want to discover another side of this city with lots of adventure, then this tour is the best option. The hidden gems of Bucharest tour will show you the unique places of the city, which even locals don’t know. In this 3-hour tour, the guide will take you at most beautiful and lesser known places that you can’t explore by your own.

You can choose these adventure trips to make your trip breathtaking. The Bucharest offers huge possibilities of numerous adventures and places to visit. The adventure trips also show a different side of this amazing city and you will see the lifestyles of local people.