Fun Things To Do In Bucharest (1)

Fun Things To Do In Bucharest – What Everyone Is Talking About

For the last few posts coming out on Romania nightlife and the clubs to visit in Bucharest and other cities, there are a whole lot of fun things to do in Bucharest which got left out. While on a Romanian trip, you are bound to visit some great places in the beautiful European country. Those on a cultural and heritage trip to Romania might not stay long in Bucharest and may take a trip to Transylvania. But that’s very amateurish. Bucharest is as much modern as it is historical. There are a lot of amazing places to visit and fun activities to do in Bucharest that you will simply love them.

The Most Fun Things To Do In Bucharest You Should Try Once

Walking Tour Of The City

While it may prove to be exhausting, it’s nowhere near dull at any time. Walking tour of Bucharest will introduce you to amazing streets and buildings in the neighborhood that you might have avoided in a taxi tour. There are organized walking tours of the capital which takes you to great places in the city.

Clubbing At Night

Well if you are on a full trip and not just sightseeing the tourist spots in Romania, it’s more likely a chance that you would end up in a club in Bucharest. Sporting over 100 amazing clubs and pubs, Bucharest offers you a lot of places to enjoy your time with friends. A lot of things to do in Bucharest nightlife may lead you to these clubs. For those who want to get back to their home, there is taxi service available for them. For the wilder species, night hostels can accommodate you and you can move on later to your dens.

Enjoy Games Alone Or With Friends

What? Playing games? Who does that? This may be your reaction to the suggestion but believe me, if you are not in the mood for visiting those tourist spots with a large group with whom you don’t happen to like hanging out, you may go playing games in the city. If you’re at it, bowling and air hockey might be the best choices (as they are my personal favorite).

Escape To Fantasy

Among the most unusual things to do in Bucharest, escape rooms are much popular and being liked by people in Bucharest. Dispersed all over the city and built with different themes and interests, these escape rooms provide for a unique way of entertainment for every age group. You can go from Star Wars to Harry Potter and even Sherlock Holmes where you’ll get to experience their amazing world.

Enjoying The Cold

Well, if you happen to visit Romania in winter, you may be lucky to experience ice skating at skating rinks. There are quite a few good ski slopes where you can go skating down the slopes. Another great thing you can do in winters is to relax at the wellness center Therme. Water slides, saunas and massages will calm your senses a great deal and also make for the hard winter outside.

Day Trips From Bucharest

Yes, it may not be fairly counted as a fun thing to do in Bucharest as you have to move out of the city for this. Still, this is one thing that couldn’t be ignored. There are a lot of amazing spots in the country where you can easily go without travelling a long distance from the capital. Take day tours from Bucharest to the famous places like Mogosoaia Palace, Snagov Monastery and the town of Sinaia.

Dance Away At A Music Concert

For the folks who love music and want to experience good music at every new place they go to, Romania is the place that may give it. But where to go in Romania to enjoy such music? A nightclub is one place where you can find the music of your liking. Other than that, Romania has a wild young population that enjoys going to concerts and music festivals as well. A lot of international music artists come regularly to Romania for great performances. Some local bands may also be found in the city doing live concerts. What’s best, you may not have to move too far from the city to visit such concerts.

Amuse Yourself At A Comic-Con

If you want to see all the superheroes, super villains and your favorite fictional characters all at one place (or maybe even roleplay one for yourself), Comic Con is the place for you. Bucharest has been hosting comic cons for past few years and a lot of people accumulate at the energetic and amusing festival. For all the comic books, fantasy and sci-fi fans, the Comic Con is like heaven. Moreover, some big Comic Cons also feature great stars that you can meet there.

There are a lot of fun things to do in Bucharest which are good for anyone visiting Romania. To enjoy your time there, book your trips from Bucharest and experience the beauty of Romania along with your family and friends.


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