In-Depth Knowledge For Visit Romania

Despite its beauty, Romania is a country that is yet to have become a major tourist destination. However, the East European country is on its way as it has plenty to offer visitors of all kinds: mountains, seaside, castles, traditions and good food. Besides this, one must have at least one tour of the spectacular region of Transylvania. For those visitors who are in a hurry or want to get in depth knowledge for visit Romania, there some Transylvania tours that we highly recommend.

The first interesting itinerary features stops at Bran Castle, Brasov, Sighisoara and Sibiu. Below you will find a description of these sights and why you should visit them during your visit in Romania.
Bran Castle is probably the best known building in Romania. Why? Because of the connection to Dracula, the vampire. This mythical creature who first appeared in the 19th century novel by Bram Stoker is based on a prince who ruled the southern part of Romania in the 15thcentury and remains one of the bloodiest figures in history. The way the castle looks as it stands atop a cliff will definitely impress you or even give you the spooks.
The city of Brasov is one of the oldest on the Romanian territory and a tour of Brasov is always something one will thoroughly enjoy. This is because of its pedestrian area with narrow streets lined with old houses, the presence of the Black Church – the largest Gothic church in Romania and the laid-back atmosphere of a city surrounded by mountains.

Sighisoara has a well preserved medieval citadel, which is still inhabited and also is featured on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With its many vividly colored 17th century old houses and cobblestone alleys, Sighisoara citadel feels as if it has been taken straight from a fairytale.

Sibiu represents another well known place in Romania. The city from the southern part of Transylvania is and has been the heart of the German community living in Romania, the Transylvanian Saxons who have been living here for over 800 years. At the moment, Sibiu is the only city in Romania which was a European capital of culture in 2007, reason why many of its great medieval sights have been well renovated.

You can visit all of these sights in 2 days all year round on the “Medieval Transylvania with Brasov and Sighisoara” private tour offered by our agency.

Lastly, with One Excellence Travel you have the possibility of choosing a private tour at an affordable price. A private tour means that it will be only you and your friends or family, if you are travelling together, and the guide-driver, making your tour in Romania or, more specifically, in Transylvania a personal memorable experience.

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