Music Festivals in Romania

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Music Festivals in Romania

Europe has always preserved and encouraged popular arts. Music is spread everywhere in Europe in the most versatile kinds and choices. Romania is a beautiful country that sits in the Eastern European region. Romania is always associated with big, beautiful castles, art museums, and ancient arts. But with the popularization of EDM, Romania is not behind in this concept and holding several music festivals in Romania. Romania is emerging to become a popular music festival venue in Europe. More and more music fans are spending their holidays in Romania to have a unique experience of music along with a taste of wonderful scenic beauties in the country.

Popular Music Festivals in Romania

Over the years, many music festivals are being organized in Romania incorporating heavy lineups of popular artists. Here are some of the most popular Romania music festivals 2018 that will amaze your senses and make you fell in love with the country’s love for music. And yes, Romanian people know how to party!

The Untold Music Festival in Transylvania

If you are taking Transylvania tours from Bucharest, the Untold Music Festival is not to be missed for sure. Held in the beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca, the Untold is probably the biggest music festival in Eastern Europe. Spanning over 4 magical nights, the Untold is one of a kind experience for the music lovers across the world. Around 400,000 visitors from across the world attend this festival to witness the incredible Untold Festival that is becoming bigger every year.

The music playground features some of the biggest names in the EDM music world and boasts a big stage for the established and upcoming electronic music players. This year, this festival will be held from August 2nd to 5th 2018. Make sure to get your passes if you want to be there.

The Electric Castle Music Festival

The Electric Castle Music Festival is probably the most versatile and extensive modern festival of Romania consisting of more flavors than you can imagine. Hosted in the beautiful Banffy Castle of the more beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca, the Electric Castle Festival is one of a kind experience for you. This festival showcases electronic music together with technology, food and alternative arts of Romania.

This year, you can attend this splendid festival from July 18th to 22nd. The best thing about this festival is the food that you got to taste here. You can get your tongue rolled in all kinds of cuisines. Savor delicious food all day and enjoy the rocking music at night. The environment you will get in this festival, everything will add to your unforgettable moments and you ‘ll never want it to end.

The Summer Well Festival in Bucharest

If you think that you have a lot to see in the capital city and nothing to enjoy much, then this festival is for you only. The Summer Well Music Festival is the biggest music festival of Bucharest and the trendiest festival of Romania. The Stirbey estate is the place where this amazing festival takes place every year for pop and alternative rock music lovers. Attend the festival on August 11th and 12th this year to get what you might have been missing in this city.

For those who find it not enough to heighten their mood, there are a whole lot of activities present in and around the festival premises. There’s a zip line of over 100 meters over the lake, a pool to chill out and relax and fun rides to bring out the best experience of the festival. With a lot of attendants from every place of the world and being held in the capital, you can find a lot of varieties of food and may even think of it as a food festival. If you are on a trip to Romania, you can avail taxi car services from Bucharest to roam the city and enjoy the festival.

Sunwaves Festival at the Black Sea

The beautiful beach of Mamaia at the coast of the black sea is the venue for this amazing music festival. It is held twice a year – in May and August. Heavy names of the electronic music world have performed in this festival and over the years made it one of the biggest music festivals of Romania. With the beaches of Mamaia, chilling out in the sun is just one of the fun things you can do here. This year it will be held from April 27th to May 1st.

The Eco-Friendly Waha Music Festival

If you want to get a unique experience of music in a natural setting, the Eco-Friendly Waha Festival is where you should be. The Waha Music Festival in Romania is a perfect blend of music, art and nature where you can feel music under the sky in the lap of nature. This festival takes place in the primal forests of Covasna County. The festival consists of 4 stages – Alternative Stage, Psy Stage, Deep Stage and Chill Space, and runs for 4 whole days.

This festival being held in the forests not just offers music but also many camps and workshops that teach meditation, Yoga, dancing and resting in the serene Carpathian forests. Enjoy this unique festival this year from July 12th to 15th and have a wholesome experience.

Rockstadt Extreme Fest in Transylvania

In a place where electronic music is prevailing over every other music, a hard rock fest sounds out of the place. But this has been broken by the success of the Rockstadt Extreme Fest. Held last year at Rasnov, Brasov County of Transylvania, the Rockstadt was a huge success and the biggest rock metal event in Romania. This year also, it will be there for the rock fans from August 2nd to 5th, but with greater energy. The surroundings are amazing and you will experience pure rock music all around you.

Neversea Music Festival

If Untold is the Big Brother of music festivals in Romania, then Neversea is the kid of Untold. A fresh music festival just started last year, Neversea festival spans over three days and nights with more than 100 international superstars of music performing in it. Though it’s new, it was the biggest coastal music festival of Romania. Catch the Neversea festival in Constanta from August 5th to 8th.

If you are going to Romania and you are a music fan, it would be a waste of your trip if you don’t attend any of these music festivals in Romania. Book tours from Romania and fill your memories with some unforgettable moments.

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