Outdoor Activities in Bucharest City and Romania

Outdoor Activities in Bucharest City and Romania

The Bucharest has become a most interesting holiday destination. The city offers great tours and adventures for travel lovers. Besides, the engaging art of historical buildings, there are many opportunities for outdoor activities.

As Romania is known for the historical buildings and museums like and beautiful parks, people visit this place to feel the charm of the 17th century. Every part of Bucharest held unique attractions and tell many stories of old culture.

People visit this city to learn the history of old Romania and take the taste of traditional cousins. But, if you are looking more than visiting historical places, then the outdoor activities are the best option.

List of Top Outdoor Activities in Bucharest City and Romania

Rock Climbing Tour in Zarnesti Gorges from Bucharest-

In this outdoor activity, you will spend your whole day in learning the basics of rock climbing in zarnesti gorges. The place is known for the reserved brown bear. You will get the chance to see the wildlife. In the beginning of this activity, you will get 30 minutes presentations and instructions of professional to make your trip safe. Zarnesti Gorges offers rock climbing in the beautiful natural environment that will provide you memories for a lifetime.

Bear Watching in Transylvania-

To explore the wildlife of Romania, you should leave the capital behind. The Transylvania offers many attractions including Peles Castle, Sighisoara, Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle), and Brasov. Moreover, here you will see brown bears in their natural habitat. The professionals will take you at the safe place of forest, from there you can enjoy the activities of bears and capture good clicks. The bear watching activity is super safe for the children too.

Rent for bike-

Exploring a city with a bike is the best feeling ever. If you don’t want to be a part of walking groups and want to discover a city in a different way, then renting a bike is a good option. You can rent a bike in Bucharest and enjoy bike riding on the beautiful roads of this city. Moreover, you can also join small bike groups, where you will get the assistance of professional guides to visit the amazing places.

Cycling Romania-

The cycling activities are one of the most famous activities in the Bucharest. The cycling tours start from different stops and people can join them wherever they want. In this activity, you will explore the beautiful gardens of Bucharest and the streets of this city. The cycling tour allows you to see the hidden attractions of Bucharest and the life of locals.

Bucharest zoo visit-

The Bucharest zoo is the best place for animal lovers and children as well. You should spend your 2-3 hours in visiting the zoo of Bucharest. Here you will see different species of animals including the house of beautiful birds and the different types of reptiles. You can discover some domestic species of animals as well.