The Most Unusual Things To Do In Bucharest And Why We Love Them (2)

The Most Unusual Things To Do In Bucharest And Why We Love Them

Romania is a beautiful South-Eastern country that holds some very lovely spots. Some of these places are so splendid that you will surely feel that Romania is underrated and plan to spend your next vacation in Romania. You can visit these amazing places in your Romanian tour and witness the most wondrous works by man and nature both. Besides the common and most popular places in Bucharest which you can easily find in most travel magazines, there are many hidden treasures in Romania. These are not so much reverberated by people but are very splendid to see and do. Find out what are the most unusual things to do in Bucharest with this post telling what you must actually seek to do in Bucharest while you are there.

Unusual Things to Do in Bucharest – What’s So Unusual About Them?

Bucharest, being the capital of Romania, is somewhat understood to be a modern and advanced city. Well, it is but it has some greatest examples of medieval and modern architecture preserved that will amaze your senses. The city is a blend of old and new living in harmony – giving the respect and love to each other. What’s best about Bucharest is simply the way it gradually uncovers to you after some time. Shrouded bistros, overlooked structural jewels on concealed corners, and eccentric bars that are elusive are every one of the things that make this oft-avoided capital city so novel. It’s not as simple as just ticking the major activities off a Bucharest agenda, the way you may do in Paris or London.

So here are the most unusual things to do in Bucharest, why we love them and why you should too.

Explore a piece of old Bucharest –

The Art Nouveau architecture of Bucharest and the wide boulevards that were there in the city, Bucharest was called the “Little Paris”. War and changing rulings have made Bucharest a little rough. But there are still some fragments of history scattered around the city. One of these places is the old court of Bucharest, Curtea Veche that pulls itself apart from the bubbling nightlife of Bucharest. It was built by Vlad the Impaler as a summer residence and it still stands as one of the many places associated with the Dracula prince.

Embellish your album with some colorful photographs of the Umbrella Alley –

Pasajul Victoriei or more commonly known by tourists as the “Umbrella Alley” is really a place to go if photographing or Instagram or both of them are your hobbies. This quirky little alley can be found on Calea Victoriei – very easy to find. Throw an umbrella and watch people popping from everywhere for a photo. Well, it’s truly an unusual thing to do in Bucharest.

Hit The Dance Floor in Night Clubs of Bucharest –

If you want to see how Romanians party, visit some famous night clubs in Bucharest playing the trendiest music in the country. When you are thinking of things to do in Bucharest nightlife, dancing in the night clubs is probably what you may do. Some clubs like the Control Club, Kulturehaus Bukarest and Kristal Glam Club are the highlight of the city.

Leave everything behind at Therme Spa –

Maybe you came to Bucharest to experience some greatest architecture and to find some peace of mind but the city is not letting you have it. Well, there is no better place to leave all these problems behind and relax. Sitting right next to the airport, Therme Spa offers a chance to unwind yourself before leaving to your own country, best for people who came to this country and took multi-day tours from Bucharest. It is also a wonderful place for indoor entertainment and is probably the largest and most luxurious spa in Romania.

Bucharest is a lovely city that has many places worth visiting. Book your tour to Romania and enjoy your stay there but just don’t stay as you have a lot to explore.

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