Things To Do In Constanta

Top 10 Things To Do In Constanta – The Black Sea Coastal City In Romania

Have you ever thought of visiting another country? One thing I could say that it’s a dream of going to Europe for most of the people who are not living in Europe. If you are planning to go to a European country for your vacation, Romania would be an amazing choice. Out of several beautiful cities and towns that Romania has, Constanta is one of the most fascinating places to visit. If you want to walk along the beaches of the Black Sea in Romania, you may like to visit Constanta and know the things to do in Constanta.

What do you look for in a place you want to travel? That the city should be fairly large to explore, but not too busy or small to ruin your wandering experience. There are places where you could be close to nature at the same time it doesn’t fall short on your needs any modern human wants. Constanta has it all. It is the second largest city and the largest port in Romania. Founded by the Greeks, Constanta sports beach bars, spa resorts, and hosts cheerful parties and festivals. For a superb travelling experience, visit this historic coastal town in Romania. This blog will tell you about the top 10 things to do in Constanta and how to get to the city.

Things To Do In Constanta

The Constanta city part is quite busy but not too much like a metropolitan or the capital Bucharest. You can explore the small beaches and nearby villages. There are a whole lot of places to visit and things to do in Constanta. Here are a few of them that you must experience.

  1. Explore The Constanta’s Old Town

As I said earlier, Constanta is a historical city which could be obviously seen in the structures in the city’s old town area. There are a lot of historical buildings, art museums and markets that will tell you about the history of the city and the country. Enter the city from the boardwalk and the old town takes its place in front of you. The church of St. Anthony, St. Nicholas Church, Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, Ovidiu’s Statue and the Kral Cami Mosque are worth giving a visit. The Muzeul de Arta Populara, a museum of folk art in the old town can also be visited.

  1. Go To The Abandoned Casino

Yes, a casino that is spectacular from the outside but you cannot enjoy the games inside as it is closed due to high operational costs. Seeing this building you may not believe it to be a casino but it was one a long time ago. It is perched on a little hill and can be reached through Constanta’s main boardwalk. It is located on the sea coast where it forms a triangle and is a lovely sight.

This building was once a casino but was closed when it became difficult for the owners to run it. It has also been used as a wartime hospital and once as a House of Culture too. The casino looks more beautiful from the outside than the inside. The best time to enjoy this place is sunset where you can enjoy an evening walk and watch seagulls flying.

  1. Take A Sunbath On The Sandy Beaches Of Mamaia

Constanta is known for being a port city and as such the main attraction of the city becomes its beaches. Mamaia is a resort on the shore of Black Sea in Constanta. The Mamaia beach is packed during summers as most of the people come here to enjoy the ocean view, lying on the white sand all the while getting a tan from the sun. There aren’t many white sand beaches in Europe and so this is one of the most loved beaches in northeastern Europe. The Constanta and Mamaia Day Trip from Bucharest is your best pick for it. Get the best out of your trip while you are there.

  1. Watch The City From The Minarets Of King’s Mosque

Great Mosque of Constanța, initially known as the Carol I Mosque, is a mosque in Constanța, Romania. The development started amid 1910 by King Carol I, as a symbol of reverence to the Muslims living in Constanţa city. The construction was completed in the year 1913 and it was opened to the people. It is recorded as a historic monument by the Romanian National Institute of Historical Monuments. The mosque was initially named Mosque Carol I, later being renamed Mosque Mahmud II. As of now, the Muslim community generally calls it “Kral Camisi” or “King’s Mosque”. You can observe the city from the high Minarets of the mosque but be sure to follow the etiquettes of the mosque while visiting.

  1. Relax And Find Peace In A Spa

Being a beach destination, Constanta has a lot of spas – both independent spas and in hotels. There are a lot of great spas in Constanta which are pocket friendly too. They may not be as cheap as South East Asia but are still affordable as compared to the standards of Europe. You can choose from a different variety of spas including health spa as well. If you are staying in a hotel or a resort, it may likely have a spa of its own.

  1. Go To Tuzla Beach

Tuzla Beach is one of the less explored beaches of Europe as it is still unspoiled. That’s why you have to drive up to it as public transport cannot take you there. Tuzla is a really beautiful beach with whitish sand and turquoise blue waters. You might not find other companions on this beach except for rocks.

Tuzla Beach also holds a psychedelic music festival by the name of Dakini Festival. You can attend it if you are there at the time of it and you like that kind of music.

  1. Party In Constanta

Partying in Constanta is not what you would think before going there but the party scene at this place is great. Especially in summers, when the whole town is packed with tourists, there are a lot of parties at places more than one. If going to a bar or a pub is your thing, you can enjoy at one of these parties in the town. The Acola Bar in Vama Veche is a good hippie place for partying. The music that plays in that bar is kind of old pop and rock. If you enjoy mainstream pop more, you can go to Café Del Mar in Mamaia which is an enjoyable place too.

Tan Tan Beach in Mamaia is another great place for partying. The parties here usually start early in the evening. Alternatively, you could just chill and relax on the sand.

  1. Sail In The Sea

Limanu is a small community village sort of part of Constanta. The Life Harbour is a sailing club there where sailing is done extensively. If you would like to sail in the sea, this is the best place in Constanta. If sailing is not your thing, then you could always have a lunch in the restaurant there and see others sailing. If you have an advance booking for an overnight stay, you can also stay there.

  1. Hit The Beach At Vama Veche

You will find a small hippie village near Bulgaria border called Vama Veche. The beach is the witness to several music festivals and open-air parties. The Vama Libre, Sunset Festival, Stufstock Festival and VSLO Visual Arts Festival are few of such names.

It is not permitted to camp on the beach. But several people come here to show their aggression and dissidence against commercialization and over the development of the Black Sea coast region and camp on the beach. Thus it also came to be known as the outlaw’s beach.

If you have an interest in being with animals and observing them or you have kids with you, this visit to the animal farm will cheer them up for sure. The Ograda Veseliei Animal Farm is located near Vama Veche and houses several farm animals including pigs, chickens, goats, donkeys, etc. They also provide a small educational tour to kids to give them the knowledge of these farm animals. You can also eat the local food here or even stay if you want.

  1. Uncover The Constanta’s Countryside

Leave the hustle of the city behind and head towards the Romanian countryside in Constanta. The beaches are also sometimes really crowded so you can hit the road and explore nearby towns and villages. The best part is the drive which shows you some beautiful flower fields.

Getting To Constanta

It is quite simple to reach Constanta by road from Bucharest and it will take only 3 to 4 hours. In case you’re driving, you should take the A2 highway, also known as the Sun’s Highway and cross the Danube River. You would have to pay the toll of around 2 to 3 Euros.

If you don’t have a car, you can travel to the place on a transport bus from Bucharest. The bus ticket costs around 8 to 9 Euros which you can buy directly from the bus station.


Romania is a wonderful place to travel for a person with any taste and liking. Constanta will give you a lot to explore and remember. There are a lot of other places to visit and things to do in Constanta that you may feel this list to be incomplete. If you are planning to visit Constanta, you can choose from our various tour packages. Be sure to check out our Multi Day Tours from Bucharest to Constanta. Visit Constanta and you will love the experience and remember it for life.