Things To Do In Romania In Winter

Things To Do In Romania In Winter You Need to Know When You’re Going There

Winter is far from coming in Romania. Still, if you happen to travel to Romania in the winters you must prepare your itinerary. Of course, you would visit most certainly the famous places that everyone knows and talks about – the famous castles, the beaches and museums. But Romania has got much more than that. There are a lot of things to do in Romania in winter. As you know Romania is in the temperate zone, the winters are not too harsh and you can do a lot of amazing activities besides visiting those places. When in Romania in winter, you can explore the places to visit in Romania which feel best in winter.

Things To Do In Romania In Winter – A Traveler’s Guide

Romania is a rich and diverse place. With so many beautiful places spread all over the land, you can imagine how nice a vacation you can have when winter hits the Romanian land. Winters in Romania start from December and may last up to mid-March. There are a whole lot of things to do in Romania in the chilly season which you can undergo; all compiled in this list only for you. So let’s see what they are.

Into The Wild

Does the wilderness get to you like nothing else and you want to explore it? Then Romania is probably one of the best places to satisfy your curiosity which has been inside you for long. Maybe you want to see how a mountain Lynx looks like exactly and are there any snow leopards in Romania (you would be more than lucky to spot one!). Well, Romania has a rich biodiversity and you will get a lot to explore and learn from it.

Disregarding the purpose of your journey; it may be an educational trip, an old fantasy or for just fun, the trip to the wilder face of Romania would be an amazing part of your Romanian tour. Just take a trip to Transylvania and you can experience both the beauty of old castles as well as the wilds.

As Outside So Inside The Caves

Romania is a wonderful country full of all kinds of different terrestrial planes each of which equally beautiful. In winters, you can find some of the coolest caves in Romania which are fun to explore. One of the most famous caves here is the Pestera Muierii (translated into English as The Woman’s Cave). The cave is situated in Gorj and is one of the popular spots of interest for the speleologist. The cave is full of various formations of stalactites, stalagmites and karst landforms. It may sound funny but you can even find Stoned Falls, a Church and even a Santa Claus inside the cave.

Another equally popular cave is the Bears’ Cave. This cave is located in Bihor, at Chiscau and constitutes of various galleries. There is the Bears Gallery, the Candle Gallery, the Scientific Gallery and the Emil Racovita Gallery.

It’s Snowing, It’s Fun – Things To Do In Romania In Winter

Have I said earlier that Romania has different terrains? Oh yes, I have! There are a whole lot of mountains and mountain ranges in Romania that can surely captivate your senses and serve as a fine place for skiing. In fact, Romania has 1/3rd of its area in mountains. The Carpathian Mountains, in particular, are the most visited mountains in Romania. Snow falls on an average for a month in a year in Romania. Many terrestrial planes and mountains get covered in snow which makes it a perfect opportunity for skiing and all sorts of winter games. Romania has about 150 slopes approved for skiing where you can enjoy skiing. Imagine how much it would be!

Icy White At Every Sight

Do you remember Elsa from Frozen movie and her castle in which she used to live? Well, you too can have that experience in Romania. The Balea Lake and nearby region apart from being wonderfully beautiful have the famous Ice Hotel. This hotel has everything made out of ice and you will feel like living in an ice castle.

Take your icy white experience even further by visiting the Ice Church. And if you are lucky, you might even watch a ceremony there. This visit to the magical ice palace would surely be a unique experience for anyone. You can take day tours from Bucharest to visit these splendid places.

Pop, Drop, Shop At The Winter Holidays Fairs – Things To Do In Romania In Winter

A trip to another land might be incomplete if you don’t step out into the markets and hold some shopping bags in your hand. The experience of shopping in winter markets of Romania is one of a kind. What makes it better? Holiday Fairs! There are a few popular and huge winter holiday fairs in Romania.

The Bucharest Christmas Fair begins from the first day of December and lasts up to 27th December. Another big fair is the Sibiu Christmas Fair which starts on the 18th day of November and lasts for a long period up to the 3rd of January. Depending on where you are and around which time, you can go to either or both of these fairs. The dates are not fixed and may change every year. Be sure to check out their Facebook pages and stay updated.

So what’s keeping you? Yeah, you can say the sun. Well, it’s true. But if by any chance you wish to come to this wonderful Eastern European country, you sure as hell should not miss these things. But I assure you, once you arrive here, you will find a lot of fun things to do in Romania and Bucharest and not just these five mentioned in this post. A unique experience is waiting for you.

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