To The Land of Draculas – Dracula Tour

All may have heard about Draculas and vampires and even have taken a getup of the same at the time of Halloween. However, many might not know that what actually a vampire is or some of the movies or series have let you understand about them. Vampires are the ones who are undead who are alive but different from others.

They are the bloodsuckers and live on to live being’s blood. They get back on their place/grave in the dawn and hunt for their prey at nights. Therefore, while on a trip to Romania, there is always a place covered in the packages naming it to be the Dracula tours.

Transylvania is known to be the land of Draculas. There are several places, which gives remittance of Draculas. The article would let you know all the places covered in Dracula Tour!
The history dates back to 15th Century where the prince of Wallahaina (now Romania)Vlad Tepes was known to be a gruesome personality who used to spike enemies and let them die.

He actually never lived in Bran Castle but it was said that he was imprisoned in the castle for the short time making his counting more appealing in the castle. It is said that the place becomes spooky at night and that is why the stories of Dracula (Vlad Dracula) started.

let’s Get Started The Dracula Tour and Discover About Draculas!

The castle of Dracula, Bran Castle Earlier the Bran castle in Transylvania was not opened for all but now it has become a tourist attraction due to its opening for the public. The museum boasts of fine art wood paintings, sculptural designs, having arms and weapons on display. While engrossing deep in the castle here is an open museum airpark having Romania Culture Barns and Cottages. The scenic beauty from the foothill is surreal and exquisite. It is the first spot of the Dracula Tour and Life.

Inside the castle, there are so many secret pass ways and a chamber known to be a torture chamber. It does give you chills but now the architecture designs are much more appealing than the chilling effects.

Birth Place, Sighisoara

After the Bran castle, the next in Dracula tours comes, Sighisoara. The ancient city of Sighisoara is known to be the home place of Vlad Tepes. There are cobbled streets and the birth home of Vlad Tepes is now converted into Museum. There is a small restaurant in Museum as well.

Poenari Fortress

The next in Dracula Tour comes to be the Poenari Fortress, which is actually considered as the real Dracula castle. There are around 1400 stairs to climb which will lead you to the ancient place where remains still persist.

The Buried place, Snagov

The final spot in the Dracula Tour is Snagov. Snagov is the place where lastly Vlad Tepes lived. There is Snagov monastery where one can also see the grave where he was buried. It is on an island and hilltop and required a boat for traveling.

Feel the Chills in Fictional Dracula Hotel

If you really wish to encompass your Dracula Tour, stay one night in Castle Dracula Hotel near the Borgo pass which is fictional hotel made with all backdrop of Vampires/Draculas. It has a fake graveyard, references, and things pertaining to Dracula’s as the main theme. it May happen that while having the Dracula Tour you might have some interference with weird things and might not, but the locals still believe that the Dracula legend still comes on specific days. It may sound cheesy but as spooky it is one may believe it!