Top 10 Places to Visit in Romania

Top 10 Places to Visit in Romania That Will Surely Amaze Your Senses


If you can point out one continent on Earth that has it all – rich history, natural wonders, top-notch technology, world-class education and anything else, Europe would surely come under your finger. Europe has so many countries with such a vivid past and culture that one would undoubtedly wish to visit some part of it, once in his or her life. You have many options for your trip to Europe and you can travel as many places as you like (as your budget allows actually!). But if you want to devour your senses with a fantastic experience for an expense that wouldn’t hurt you much, you can go to Romania. There are a whole lot of places to visit in Romania and you could be surprised to find many spots which are not so popularized by the media but are like jewels on the face of the earth. Although it would be an injustice to pick top 10 places to visit in Romania, it might just help you plan your journey better.

You can spot Romania in the middle of the eastern and southeastern Europe on the map. River Danube runs along its southern border, separating it from Bulgaria. Romania has a fairly easy climate being in the temperate zone and it experiences all the four seasons. Neither the summers are too scorching nor the winters too harsh. This lovely and lively climate also attracts tourists; calling visitors every time of the year. But now the question comes, where to go in Romania. Of course, you will go to Bucharest as this is likely to be your landing place in Romania unless you plan to enter this country through some other ways (as long as it is not an illicit mean!). Here we have accumulated the 10 best places you must visit in Romania to make your journey worthwhile.

Best Top 10 Places to Visit in Romania –

1. Bucharest

Top 10 Places to Visit in Romania

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The largest city in Romania, Bucharest is the perfect blend of modernity and antiquity. Being one of the most visited places in Romania, Bucharest is the political, industrial and financial capital of Romania. You can find medieval churches and at the same time watch the modern communist style architecture in the form of high-rise buildings. The city boasts of great Parliament Building in the world which is 12 stories high and has 3100 rooms. Visit this mammoth architecture from regular tours given every day. Don’t miss the famous concert hall here, the Romanian Athenaeum which is as mesmerizing from inside as from outside.

2. Sibiu

Top 10 Places to Visit in Romania

Located on the banks of Cibin River, this city is the perfect place to witness the Romanian art, history, and culture. The Brukenthal Palace, which is one of the oldest museums in the world, demonstrates an amazing collection of Romanian artworks. Once part of Hungary, the city has churches, parks and art galleries spread like flowers under a tree in spring. Located in the mystical region of Transylvania, the place associated with Dracula and vampires, Sibiu has been recognized as the ‘Culture Capital of Europe’.

3. Peleș Castle

Top 10 Places to Visit in Romania

Decorated with sculpted wood and ornate stonework, the Peleș Castle is an apt example of Neo-Renaissance architecture. Situated in the Carpathian Mountains, this attractive castle serves as a museum which features a collection of artwork, weaponry, and armory. This romantic castle was built in the early 20th century and is now one of the top attractions in Romania. You can pick more adventure in the town of Sinaia where you can enjoy hiking and downhill skiing.

4. The Red Ravine

Top 10 Places to Visit in Romania

Found near the city of Sebes, The Red Ravine is a great geological reserve of sandstones, quartz, and gravel. Known otherwise as Râpa Rosie, it has high pointed peaks formed due to erosion runoff. Seeing from a distance, these peaks will appear to you like some hooded red figures, part of some cult, performing some kind of a ritual.

5. Danube Delta

River Danube flows from a long way in Europe and falls into the Black Sea. The delta formed by it is the second largest in Europe and home to hundreds of different species of the flora and fauna worlds. Listed by the UNESCO under World Heritage Site, Danube Delta is the best-preserved delta of Europe and surely finds its way in top 10 places to visit in Romania. Visit during spring to enjoy a beautiful sunset and a slow boat ride.

6. Transalpina

Top 10 Places to Visit in Romania

Transalpina AKA the King’s Road or the Devil’s Pathway is a curvy road passing through the Parâng Mountains. Being one of the highest roads in Romania, the road leads to Urdele Pass which has an elevation of 2,145 meters. Fill your car’s tank and hit the road snaking through mountains and you will surely get chills from mesmerizing mountain views if not by the cold.


10 Places to Visit in Romania

Named as the unofficial capital of the mystical region of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca is the second largest city of Romania. It features a great collection of Romanian artwork. It has the famous National Museum of Art, housing the collection of Romanian artists. The 14th-century Gothic style St. Michael’s Church that has the country’s tallest church tower is also an attraction. Home to a large Hungarian population, the city accents the statue of the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus.

8.Palace of Culture

Palace of Culture

If you land up in the city of Iasi, do visit the popular building, the Palace of Culture. It has the beautiful Neo-Gothic architecture and houses four museums that hold several exhibitions around the year. Built in the year 1925, it has long been viewed as the icon of this city and frequently finds itself on the city’s postcards. It attracts many people and undoubtedly one of the top 10 places to visit in Romania.

9.Bran Castle

Top 10 Places to Visit in Romania

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Sitting on the border of Wallachia and Transylvania, the Bran Castle is a beautiful piece of medieval architecture. It is the mythical home to the legends of Dracula and one of the strongest motivations for Romania visit. One, in particular, the prince Vlad Dracul III, known for impaling his enemies, is the epicenter of the tales. The castle is now a privately owned museum which shows the art and furniture collected by Queen Marie, who lived in the castle back in 1920. Nonetheless, you can visit this castle and roam around in the town and hear some bloody folklore from the people there.



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Situated on a 5-mile long strip of land along the Black Sea coast, Mamaia is a small but the most popular seaside resort of Romania. You can enjoy walking on the white sandy beaches or sunbathe while resting on the beach. To have more fun, you can go up for some enjoyable rides in the water park. Take a few lessons at the surfing academy and you can surf on the beach; the one thing that you have been wanting for a long time.

Now that you have got it, prepare your itinerary and set out on an amazing journey that will leave you in bewilderment at every step. To satisfy your “roam-mania”, visit Romania. Check out our day trips and tours from the tours section.

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