Things to Do in Romania

Top 10 Unusual Things to Do in Romania

Romania is the nation of beautiful art, mysterious history, and delicious food. The country invites the travelers all over the world to explore the beautiful surroundings of Romania. The country has passed through the history decades and strongly stand today with the great tales of history.

In Europe, Romania has left other countries behind in the ratio of yearly tourists. According to a report, Romania has attracted 9.3 billion tourists last year, which is a good ratio of foreign tourist for a nation.

The land is gaining popularity among the people nowadays. While tourist like to visit other europian cities including London, Paris, and Amsterdam, they highly get attracted towards the cities of Romania. The big reason behind this dramatic growth is the cost-effective tours of Romania. People can visit the beautiful places of Romania without planning a heavy budget, which is a big plus for travel lovers.

Apart from this, there are many other things also play a significant role in the popularity of this wonderful holiday destination. Do you know what’s make Romania one of the most famous holiday destinations?

Romania held uncountable places to visit that can bring pleasure in your trip. Not only it is a place for history buffs, but the place also offers endless opportunities to explore this land. Yes, you will find most amazing and heart hacking places, buildings, and scenarios, which will be the best experience of your life.

When it comes to why you should spend your next holidays in Romania and consider it as your next holiday destination, the only reason behind it is that the place provides something to everyone. Are you the one who just love adventures, or the one who always look to spend quiet alone time with your loved ones, or you are a history buff who always eager to collect new facts of history. The nation has plenty of options to fulfill all your needs.

Unusual Things to Do in Romania

The private tours and travels in Romania can help you to make your trip more convenient. Plenty of tour options are easily available that offer you different kind of tours including share tours and group tours in Romania.

To help you to make your visit successful, we have arranged a list of top 10 Unusual things to do in Romania. The list can help you a lot to plan your vacation if you are visiting Romania for the first time. In Romania, many beautiful places and lots of adventure are waiting for you.

Romania Tours and Trips and Choose The One That Perfectly Fits in Your Plan.

1. Active & Adventurous Vacation in Romania-

adventurous vacation in Romania

If you are the one who finds adventure in every trip, then Romania gives plenty of opportunities to enjoy active and adventurous activities during your vacation in Romania. The land allows you to have experience of soft adventure and the challenging one too. You can go with your family members to a simple nature walk, in which you will discover the beauty of the forest. Whereas the though adventure allows you many activities including hiking, climbing, rafting, trekking, canyoning, kayaking on the land of Carpathians.

Romania provides best options for outdoor activities to all age group. The endless list of adventurous activity invites everyone to choose the best one. The cave exploration can be a great plan for the children where they can find the surprising things. You can go for group travels in Romania to make your tour more exciting, where you can get a chance to make new friends.

2.Wildlife Observation in Romania-

Wildlife observation in Romania

The bio-geography diverse country of Europe, Romania conservers the great population of wildlife species including large carnivorous, iconic mammals and rare bird species. If you are the one, who always like to explore the wildlife of different nations, then the land is just like a dream comes true. Romania has a good figure of wildlife species and rare bird species, which is hard to find in other places of Europe.

The forests of Transylvania provide you an opportunity to watch beers in their natural habitat. The Transylvania tours from Romania can help you to capture the lovely moments of beers and know little more about their natural habitat and the different ways that how they survive in the forest life.

3. Discover the Traditional Village-

Discover the traditional village

Discovering the village life of Romania is can be the best part of your vacation in Romania. Still, the rural areas are also a part of this beautiful nation. The villages of Romania including Transylvania, Bucovina, and Maramures are representing the lifestyle of village people, which reflect the old culture of this country.

If you are looking for a different experience during your holidays in Romania, then you should add the visit to a village on your to-do list. The Transylvania tours from Romania offer a day tour of the village. You can choose a village location as per your choice, where you want to spend your day. In the village trip, you can participate in different activities and discover the lifestyle of people in village closely. It is an opportunity to know the old rituals and tradition of old Romanians that are still following in the rural area.

4. Explore the 2000 Years Old History of Romania

old history of Romania

Exploring Romanian history can be a wonderful part of your vacation in Romania. The land held a treasure of historical monuments. The historical buildings, lands, and museums can tell you the great story of old Romanian culture. By visiting the old buildings and discovering museums of Romania, you can feel the charm of the 19th century.

The nation has faced many bloody wars and long dark communist regime. The Historical buildings and places tell the untold truth of old Romania. The capital of Romania, Bucharest held the popular places including Romanian Athenaeum, Palace of Parliament, Revolution Square, which reflect the era of a communist party. Every building has their own secret, which engages the attention of a visitor. You can discover the great history of Romania by choosing amazing Bucharest, Romania vacation packages.

5. Get close to UNESCO World Heritage Sites-

If you are willing to explore the most famous buildings and historical attraction more as more possible, then you should begin with the sites that are included in the list of UNESCO world heritage. At the most famous places of Romania, you can see the amazing architecture art and the rich culture of old Romania with the help of amazing self-guided tours to Romania.

In the list of UNESCO world heritage sites, you shouldn’t miss the visit of Sighisoara, Viscri, Biertan or Horezu Monastery, when you travel to Romania. Moreover,  the wooden churches of Maramures are also one of the great attractions, where you can explore the old rituals of Romanian culture. The churches of Romania also contain great architecture art. The 19th and 20th centuries churches secretly tell the story of the dark history of this nation. You have to visit UNESCO world heritage sites to discover something unbelievable.

6. Mountain Climbing in Romania-

Mountain climbing in Romania

Do you think that you are strong enough? Have you a great stamina to explore the mountains of Romania? If you think that you are super fit, then the mountain marathon can be a great idea for having amazing fun. It gives you an opportunity to discover the beautiful landscape in Europe.

To run a mountain marathon, you should be fit and have a great stamina like an iron man. It is not a cup of tea for those who never take their step out in the shiny summers and bad climatic condition. Besides, mountain marathon, the shared tour, and travels in Romania offer great outdoor activities including mountain climbing, bungy jumping, river rafting, etc.

7. Try the Traditional Dishes of Romania-

Among all Romania tours and trips, the Romanian food is also one of the great attractions for tourists. The traditional dishes of Romania are really delicious as well as nutritious too. If you are a food lover and like to explore the culture of diverse nations along with exploring the food culture, then Romania is totally fit in your desire.

The country has a great food culture, the way to cook a dish is really different and inspired by the old Romanian culture. You can definitely fall in love with the taste of traditional cuisine. Moreover, every dish has own specialty and a historical tale that connect food with the history. The Romania private tours provide an access to know more about the old culture with enjoying the great taste of cousins with your family and friends.

8. Take the Experience of Old Days Travel

When you take a visit to Romania you can find some places where you can take the experience the travel in old ways while the country has a well-developed transport system. You can take a steam train ‘Mocanita’ from Viseu de Sus. The wooden raft is also an old way of transport on which you can sail mountain river Bistrita.

The steam train and wooden crafts are the traditional way of travel, which can provide you a great experience of travel. Moreover, the horse cart is very simple to find that always prefers as a classical ride in the old days. These ways of transport are hard to find in the urban area. The incredible vacation packages Romania make you able to enjoy the old ways of transport. Isn’t it amazing?

9. Run Your Cycle or Bike on the Highest Mountain Roads-

The stunning Romania holiday packages give you a chance to explore the highest mountains roads with bikes. Yes, if you have the excellent physical condition, then it is a great chance to reach the highest point of Romania.

The Novaci to Transalpina, and from Pitesti to Sibiu, the roads will take you at the peak above 2000 meters, where you can discover the beautiful landscapes and sceneries to get some great clicks.If you are finding a place where you can feel the adventure of bike rides, then there is no better place then Romania. You can make a plan of bike rides on most stunning mountains roads while you plan a trip to Romania.

10.Take a Visit to Local Markets-

local markets Romania

The markets of Romania is the great place to shop antiques. If you are the one who always likes to shop from different nation to keep a memory of visited land, then the markets of Romania will give you more than you expected. You can get some amazing things for your home.

Moreover, Romania travel packages also include the traditional markets in the list of place to visit. The group tour and travels in Romania allow you to discover the life of locals and find the traditional Unusual things to Romanian culture. The local markets show the beautiful mixture of traditional and urban lifestyle.

These are the top 10 things that you can do in Romania. Apart from these things, you can find more than you think. The beautiful gardens of Bucharest, the wildlife, and castles of Transylvania and many more things can make this trip memorable for all your family members.

The Romania tour packages can make your vacation more convenient and exciting. Visiting the country by your own can’t help you to get the proper knowledge of particular places. Thus, you have to go for a tour package that can make your trip easy and enjoyable.

If you are unable to find some stunning tour packages, then you can browse the Romania TripAdvisor reviews, which can suggest you some awesome Romania Multiday tours 2018 that can double your fun.

What are you waiting for? Romania is a marvelous place to spend your holiday budget. You will return to your home from Romania with a happy smile and overload memories of a great time.

So, put a break on your ongoing work and take out some time to relax your body and mind as well. Start your research, choose an appropriate tour package for Romania and give an awesome surprise to your family.