Top 10 Cultural Tours in Bucharest City

While many amazing holiday destinations are present in the world, the Bucharest getting a great number of tourists every year. The capital of Romania, Bucharest has crowned as “little Paris” because of its rich culture and art. With 2 million population and plenty of attractions, this is one of the best destinations where you can plan your vacation.Apart from beautiful gardens, countless pubs, and sightseeings, Bucharest has great signs of history.Here you can feel the charm of the 19th century by visiting museums and historical places.


Here We Have Arranged a List of Top 10 Cultural Tours in Bucharest.

Triumphant Arch

The triumphant arch is one of the best attractions of Bucharest, which was build in 1922 and located in the northern part of the city. The busy traffic enhances the beauty of this 27 meters tall arch. Moreover, you can also visit the small museum that is placed inside this arch.

Village Museum

This beautiful museum is established near Herăstrău River. This is the most interesting place, where you can get closer to traditional architectures of Romania. The village museum combined with different small and big houses and other building that tell a unique story of Romania’s history.

Bucharest Old Town

You should add this attraction to your Bucharest tour. The place is surrounded by historical buildings and monuments. While now this place is filled with some good pubs, restaurants, and shops, you can enjoy fine dining and shopping as well as discover old art.

Cismigiu Garden

The Cismigiu garden is one of the oldest gardens that is very close to old town. The garden is designed in English taste and the beauty of this place attracts many tourists as well as local people.

Revolution Square

With plenty of highlights of Romania’s old culture, the revolution square held a good ratio of worldwide tourist. The building has been renamed in 1989 from place square to revolution square. And, now the revolution square famous for housing the national museum of art.

Romanian Athenaeum-

The Romanian Athenaeum was built at the end of 19th century. The Athenaeum contains important historical signs of Romania. Inside this building, a big hall is situated with more than 800 places, which is fully decorated with the old architecture art.

Palace of Parliament-

The place of parliament is the most expensive civil administrative building all over the world as mentioned in the world records. The architecture of this building is really impressive. The building is 82 meters high and 92 meters deep, containing 12 floors and 8 undergrounds.

Metropolitan Church-

Going with the old history of Romania, the church is the best place to discover exciting story of history. Besides, a religious place, the church has its own importance in the history. It is one of the oldest building of Bucharest, which was built in the beginning of17th century.

Bucharest History Museum-

If you want to come little close to the culture of Romania, then you should visit this museum. The national museum is situated in the old town and close to other tourist attractions. This place holds many valuable historical items which show the past of this place.

Victory Avenue-

It is the best place to end your cultural tour. The victory avenue is a beautiful landmark of Bucharest. This place is famous for amazing historical villas, places and high-class buildings.