Top Heritage and Historical Tours in Bucharest City

Heritage and Historical Tours in Bucharest City

Every country has a unique history and tradition. The capital of Romania, Bucharest is famous for the attractive landmarks of the 17th century. All the uildings were never tried to be destroyed and the art of Romania preserved very beautifully, which represent the culture of old Romania.

There you will see the mixture of old and new architecture, which makes this city more beautiful. Many old buildings including pubs, shops, banks and places are still open for the tourist, where you can feel the charm of the 19th century. The engaging and breath-holding landmarks have their own story to tell.

So, if Bucharest is your next holiday destination, then it is better, you choose a right tour, which helps you to explore the culture of this city in deep.

LIst of Top Historical Tours in Bucharest That Can Educate You About The Rich History of Old Romania.

Communist Bucharest History Tour-

In this tour, you will explore the story of a communist party. Yes, today the Bucharest is a nice place to visit. But, in the late 1980’s the city was a troubled place when it controlled by the communist party. The tour starts from the Revolution Square. The fight of libration was started there. Moving to other attractions, you will visit the parliament house, which known as a people’s places. Next, you will see the Hunger Circles, which was also built in the communist era, when the city faces a shortage of food. The Tour ends at victory square, where the headquarters of the Prime Minister of Romania is established.

Jewish Heritage Tour of Bucharest-

This is the most important tour, that you should choose. There was a time when the city was a home of a most prosperous Jewish community.In this tour, you will explore the Bucharest’s old Jewish Quarter and The Holy Union Temple, which is now a museum of the Romanian Jews. Here you will see Great Polish Synagogue, which is preserved wonderfully. Besides, you will also visit Lipscani Street, where the journey of 1400’s Jewish merchants begins.

Full History Tour of Dracula-

This tour is specially planned for the full history of Dracula. In this five-day tour, you will discover the clues from the birth to death of Dracula. The tour begins from Bucharest and covers different places of Romania. The tour offers a taste of amazing Romania’s traditional food and a night in the castle of Dracula. This tour includes the birth and resting place of Dracula, where you can find the sign of the history of Dracula and listen to some untold tales.

Bucharest Heritage City Tour-

In this 4-hour Communist history tour Bucharest, you will learn the fall of 40 years of communist rule. The tour tells the journey of 40 years rule of the communist party and the reconstruction of modern Bucharest. The tour covers the important attractions of Bucharest including parliament palace. It will help you to learn the achievement of a golden era and the life-story of people who built this nation.