Travelling to Romania, Know More About Romania

Romania is known to be the land of Dracula and Castles. The reason being Vlad Tepes who is considered as the legend of Dracula was born and buried in Romania. However, there is much more in Romania than to only Draculas. If you are planning a trip to Romania, here it is what you need to Know About Romania. Read On!

Romania is a European country bordered by counties Moldova, Hungary-Serbia, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. Not many know about Romania that but there is a coastline of black sea flowing in Romania as well. Romania is well known for the huge mountain scapes like Transylvania Alps, Carpathian Mountains and much more. Romania is called to be the home of glacial lakes, lagoons, Orchards and Vineyards, which adds to its countryside beauty.

Bucharest is the capital city of Romania and a total population of Romania is estimated to be 22 million. Visitors come especially to visit castles like Bran castle (Vlad Tepe’s place), Fagaras Castle, Hunyard castle, Pelisor castle and Pele’s castle. These all castles somewhere have that gothic touch which makes them even more interesting.

The best time to Visit Romania is May to October. The reason being July and August are the warmest months considering it to be the peak months whereas having pleasing weather. September and October usually have less tourist so a peaceful trip to Romania can be enjoyed. If you are a nature lover and want to indulge more about Romania, then spring season would be the best time to watch flora and fauna of Romania at the Danube Delta. Romania gets harsh winters and has quite a good rainfall making it not the best time to visit Romania.

Few Things You Must know About Romania Before Traveling:

  • Respect the Romanian culture and Traditions.
  • Do not take photos of any individual especially children without asking in Romania. Tae permission before.
  • If you stay in Home stay or have community visits avoid bestowing anything upon locals even money.
  • Have a refill water bottle with yourself so that you avoid have bottled water thus saving the environment.
  • Do not litter anywhere as they find id disgraceful in Romania.
  • Knowing About Romania takes you to the world of the Medieval Castles and fortress, wandering on Community legacy making you indulges more in spirituality and closer towards nature. To relive the countryside there are so many villages where you can know more about Romania and ancient times.


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