What to Do When in Bucharest

Mistaken as the neighbourhood Budapest, Bucharest is the capital city of Romania. Known to the Paris of East, Bucharest has now evolved to be the one cosmopolitan area. The cityscape of Bucharest comprises of architectural monuments, surreal lakes, ancient Churches and Museums and Boulevards. Therefore, you must have Bucharest Travel while you plan a trip to Romania. Bucharest has been now over with the communist period and is now a commercial hub. Here we will let you know what all things you should do while you go on to Bucharest.

Palace of Parliament

Wondering what so special in the parliament? It is actually the biggest parliament building in the world. It is mixture f the artistic skills displayed on the parliament which attracts the visitors. While you are on Bucharest travel, you must visit the Parliament Palace, which would take an hour long to fully, complete.

Hunt for Dracula at Snagov-

Snagov is the place remembered for the tragic death of Vlad and all stories around Dracula. Although Vlad is always associated with Transylvania, the final place where he resided was just 25 miles to the Bucharest in town snagov. There is a famous Lake Snagov in the middle of the town and it’s a mandatory trip while on Bucharest travel. There are several minibusses running taking to the place with traveling of just 40 minutes (Roundtrip).

Historic Monuments

There are lot many museums, churches and huge Cathedrals dating back to 17th,18th century. The Bucharest Travel Plan usually includes a visit to Stavropoulos Church, Doamnei Church and St Apostles Church, Zorzini Art Gallery, National Museum of Art and much more gardens like Eden garden, OAR garden etc.
Party all night
Bucharest has been now known as the party place because of its exuberant nightlife. There are several discotheques, Bars where visitors can enjoy clubbing all night long.

Ice Skating

If it is the season of cold and you are on your Bucharest travel journey, then Ice-skating would be really refreshing to watch rather doing. There are several ice skating rinks, which do organize some of the events, and competitions, which you can enjoy or else with permission, can do it as well.

Bucharest now a modern commercial hub, makes the most of its travelers by allowing them to look at the historic art in form of Cinematic theaters, Art gardens as well as Artistic cravings on monuments. It sure does enhance the beauty of the city. Make sure Bucharest Travel plans are made handy prior to your trip!