When in Europe Tour in Transilvania

When first you hear about Transilvania, you might be pretty scared with the thought of Dracula and bloody shit all around. However, Wait, Transilvania is much more and beyond this. Yes, the mysterious land as fondly known as Transilvania is in real and not fictional stated in stories and movies.

Transilvania is covered with the Carpathian Mountains to its east side. The city is in Eastern Europe and is more popularly known to be the land unknown beyond the forests. Explore the picturesque locations in transilvania when you are in Europe, for sure!

If you are adventurous and plan for hiking, you must go to Bucegi Mountains and hike through Piatra Craiului Park as well. You can indulge yourselves in Winter sports while tour in Transylvania. The snow clad mountains and meadows are worth watching when you are visiting the place in winter. The must visit for tour in transilvania are Ornate Peles, Gothic Castles, Hunedoara and Bran castle.

Not only on the city side, villages in transilvania are beautiful to have worth a visit. The proper blend of culture and tradition can be reflected in ancient villages of Saxon and Szekely Land. These villages have Hungarian culture and you could take transportation in traditional animal carts like Horse carts. One of the beautiful roads in transilvania have a 900m long tunnel and zigzag roads which are a must long drive try for once. This is open for few months from June to early October as it is covered fully in the snow in the winter season.

Places to Explore while Tour in Transilvania

  • Bran Castle up on a hill, built in the year 1212 having more than 50 rooms.
  • World Heritage Site, Sighisoara where Draculas used to reside.
  • Snagov Monastery which is on an island traveled by boat.

The land of Vampires, and you would be not be disappointed if you are a vampire fan. The locals still believe in legends of Dracula and there is some roaming around in the areas. It’s spooky and scary but it’s a fact. Believable? Well even if you do not believe this is what the locals say. You m might believe when you pass through those ornate roads, desolated paths and scary, gothic forests and Castles. During Halloween, Transilvania becomes the most desired location but of course because of the old myth of Draculas residing in there. You could get to listen some interesting stories from the locals as well while your tour in transilvania.

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