Bigar Waterfall was declared many times as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Bigar Waterfall has, for two years, a specially designed tourist route, to be visited safely by the tourists.

It is located near the town of Bozovici, in Caras-Severin county and it has become one of the main tourist attractions of the Nerei-Beusnita National Park, having one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. The World Geography ranked Bigar Waterfall in first place in the ranking of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, made in 2013.

The employees of the Coca- Cola HBC Timisoara factory have decided to invest in the development of Bigar Waterfall because they have observed the tourist potential that it has. They also wanted to make the access to the Bigar Waterfall to be much more comfortable and safer for tourists.

On May 26, 2017, Bigar Waterfall opened its gates for the tourists who are passionate about nature and beauty. Before opening, the arrangements took at least ten months.

The works that started in the summer of 2016 were aimed at developing a well-made route for tourists, which starts with access to Bigar Waterfall and continue next to the other tourist attractions near the waterfall.

And yet, what rehabilitations have been brought to Bigar Waterfall? So, these are:

  • the arrangement of spaces and paths between the waterfall and the spring;
  • the realization of a passage to the Bigar Cave, near the waterfall;
  • arranging a pedestrian route between the parking lot and the entrance to the National Park;
  • eco pubs, informative panels and resting places in the area;
  • the arrangement of a road that make access to the waterfall, from the entrance to the park;
  • construction of a platform that facilitates access to the waterfall base.

With the help of several celebrities, Bigar Waterfall has gained significant importance in social media, but also in mass media. In 2017, Bigar Waterfall, besides attracting thousands or even tens of thousands of tourists, won 2 silver awards at the Romanian PR Awards.

bigar cascade falls in nera

Fifty thousand tourists visited Bigar Waterfall between 2016 and 2017, and between 2017 and 2018, the number of tourists was 100,000. So, the number of tourists doubled just one year after the investments that were made in the area. The most significant flow of visitors was recorded between June 1 and June 6, 2017, immediately after the completion of the works of planning the location.

Bigar Waterfall is a true nature monument and a valuable tourist destination for Romania, being located in Valea Minisului, in Caras-Severin County, halfway between Anina and Bozovici, on DN 57B. In 2013, the international specialized press named Bigar Waterfall as the most beautiful waterfall in the world.

Have you heard of Bigar Waterfall legend?

For a long time, a family of peasant farmers lived on the beautiful lands of the Almajena Valley, whose only bitterness was the lack of a descendant, who would carry their name further.

One night, the woman was shown in a dream a witch, who told her that only if she drank water from the spring beneath the rock, a girl would be born, but she would never be allowed to fall in love if she would want to live.

The woman went to the spring, drank water and, not long after, she gave birth to a little girl, as the witch promised her in her dream.

The girl became a virgin coated by all the boys of the land, enchanting every person being around her, but her heart was longing for a single boy, whose name was Bigar.

Feeling the danger of death, the girl’s father locked her in the cave above the spring between the worlds. The virgin’s screams of despair were heard by the witch, who whispered to her that the only thing she can do for her was to turn her hair into a waterfall that would tear her tears.

Then, she told her that the noise of the waterfall would bring the one she loves close to her, but they will never be able to live together in this world. He will have to die drowned in her tears, and she will die with him, to be reborn then, in the other world, in the “Land of the Return of Grief”.

All happened just as the witch had predicted, and the waterfall testified to the love of the two young men, who overcame the limits of the human being and who show us that love means happiness and sacrifice as well.

The water of Bigar Waterfall is rich in limestone

An underground source, quite powerful form the waterfall, also called Bigar, with seasonal activity, which works on the principle of the siphon. What does this thing mean? When the water collected in a karst void reaches the level of the elbow of the siphon, it suddenly comes to the surface. A short distance from the spring, the limestone-rich water flows into the Minis river, from a rock covered by moss, forming a limestone tuff cascade.

5 RON entrance fee

Tourists have to pay an entrance fee of 5 RON to gain access and to admire the wonders of the place. Also, the water is spotless and even potable. To the spring, climb a rocky path, then reach a wooden bridge over the river and reach the cave.