In the Danube Delta, many tourist attractions must be visited. Annually, the Danube Delta attracts tourists from all over the world, being a charming place.

Delta received the award for sustainable tourism in 2011 and is UNESCO’s heritage. Many tourists say that the Danube Delta is among the few places where you can feel free, without worries and as close to nature.

In the Danube Delta, you will eat the best fish bacon, you can walk among the channels full of water lilies and pelicans, and you will admire the white-blue boxes with batch at the gate. The truth presents you the most beautiful places that you deserve to visit the Danube Delta.

The town of Crisan

In the center of the Delta is the Crisanul, a stunning locality which is located on one side of the Sulina arm. Tourists who want to be closer to nature are staying in this town. Tourism is very flourishing in this area, so there are many hotels and guesthouses.

Many tourists who deal with fishing prefer not to stay at a hotel or a boarding house because they want to stay in a tent to be closer to nature.

The main activities of the inhabitants are fish farming, but also zootechnical activities that are mainly carried out in private households and small family associations. In Crisan, the accommodation options are as numerous as the tourists interested in this beautiful area; there is a variant for all types of tourists and all their demands.

Floating hotels

The most loved accommodation option in the area is also one of the most unique, namely floating hotels.

These hotels have nothing lacking in what the classic hotels and hostels can offer, with restaurants, terraces, air conditioning, TVs and bathrooms in their rooms.

Also, many of them organize daily excursions in the area, offer at meal options fishing menu, but also the possibility of tourists to rent motorboats for fishing or walks.

Even though there are many accommodation options in the area, if you are a tourist who wants to have a unique experience, you can choose to stay at a local person that can teach you some customs and traditions in the area.

Mila 23

Mila 23 is a small village in which the main occupation is fishing. It is at a distance of 53 kilometers from Tulcea, more precisely on the old Danube, it is only accessible by water. This route is realized with the help of the ferry. This area includes a fantastic landscape where nature looks real beauty.

If you are passionate about fishing, this place is perfect for you. Mila 23 is home to the most skilled fishermen with whom you can exchange experience. If there are more adventurous tourists, they can go on a kayak or canoe trip on the lake between Mila 23 and Crisan.

Renting a canoe costs between 100 and 200 lei per day depending on the model, but the price decreases when they are rented for several days. Also, they can be taken at the end of the tour for an amount of between 100 and 300 lei.


Sulina is a city located at the foot of the arm of the same name, and it is a port city on both the Danube and the Black Sea. It is a city located at an altitude of about 4 m above sea level.

Here is a maritime cemetery, unique in the country and even in Europe. Another tourist attraction is the Old Lighthouse, dating from 1802. Sulina also has a few kilometers of beach at the Black Sea, but this does not attract a large number of tourists.

The beach in this area is unpaved and is used for nudism in isolated areas. The fact that it is an unpaved beach gives it a natural look. The beach has sand similar to that of Mamaia.

It is an alternative to the Vama Veche resort. A large part of the well-known Romanian film “All the top sheets” was filmed here.

The sand is grasping from place to place by vegetation, the water is clean, and between the sandbanks, the water is very small, ideal even for families with children.

The Danube Delta Eco-Tourist Museum Center

It is located in the center of Tulcea, it was opened relatively recently, in 2009; built on three levels the most attractive being the basement of course, where there are fish basins.

The aquariums are fascinating and visited by thousands of tourists and are located in the basement of the museum.

The first aquarium is cylindrical and has a tube through which you can slide to look at the fish from inside to outside. A fascinating idea, to stand “near” a shark follows a few colors with huge aquariums and a glass tunnel underneath the museum’s largest pool (the one with sturgeons), which will create the impression that the fish swim above your head.

There is a small door on the aisle where you enter a half-cylinder, and you feel as if you were in the aquarium, arm with sturgeons. In the spirit of the Delta, the ceiling of the museum is decorated with fishing nets.

Forest Letea

Between the dunes are raised strips of a forest full of climbing plants of all types. Letea forest is often called the “Delta Jungle” and is considered by experts as one of the most impressive natural environments in the whole of Eastern Europe.