Brasov, one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, attracts so many tourists because it has an ideal position, surrounded by mountains. The towns and medieval walls are still accessible, and they are hiding a story full of history and culture, Brasov being one of the best-preserved cities. Brasov is, also, a suitable destination for those who want to get lost on the streets with a medieval air, but also for those who want a little adventure, in the fresh air.

Despite the fact that it is known as the city at the foot of Mount Tampa, with the Saxon architecture and influences or as the host city of the legend of Dracula, Brasov is also the kind of town that can be reduced to the pleasure of simple strolls on the street, welcoming places, culture and nature becoming friends here, in the heart of the country.

In the following, we will discuss about 7 of the main attractions in Brasov or near Brasov. Let’s start!

Aquatic Paradise

Let’s say you are visiting Brasov and you need a little relaxation. You must go to the Aquatic Paradise. And what if it is winter and outside is so cold the even that stones freezing? The complex also has indoor and outdoor pools, some of them being so warm that you can enjoy them even in winter! Also, the Aquatic Paradise will provide you with jacuzzi, water slides, football field, relaxation cave, saunas, fitness room, and many other things that you are going to like.

Rope Street

It is among the favorite subjects of the photographers, the meeting place of the lovers and one of the narrowest streets of Europe. You cannot go through Brasov and skip the Rope Street. Think about stretching your arms and touching its edges or taking a photo on the small aisle, without losing sight of Mount Tampa. There are, indeed, many beautiful areas to visit in Brasov, but if you are going to visit Brasov, ask the locals to guide you to the Rope Street too.

Old Town

Yes, the Old Town in Brasov is not so big, but it really deserves to be visited and not be missed. It offers diversity, from the Modarom building, on which you can see the bullets from the 1989 revolution and turning on Republicii street to the Schei Gate. Brasov is full of buildings that deserve to be visited and here you will find the most important historical monuments, Piata Sfatului, the most beautiful cafes, restaurants, terraces or shops.

Rasnov Fortress

Rasnov Citadel is one of the most visited medieval attractions

At 15 km away from Brasov, Rasnov Fortress dates from the 14th century and preserves the fortifications even well. Walking through the ruins, makes you get to the top of everything, from where you can admire the surroundings. Brasov is crowded with fortresses because Transylvania had to be guarded and because the different hills around the mountains offered the perfect strategic position for something like this.

There are also various festivals at Rasnov Fortress, such as the Historical Film Festival, the Medieval Festival or the Rockstadt Extreme Fest. Also, at Rasnov Fortress were filmed movies like “Michael the Brave” or “Cold Mountain.”

The first Romanian school

Yes, indeed, the first Romanian school was created in the heart of the country, in Brasov. Old from the 11th century, the primary Romanian school was first a church, and then it became a school.

In 1495, the first Romanian school opened its gates, where only the chosen one of the village could come there because in his turn he learned everything he needed to become the teacher, notary or priest of the town.

Who was going to school, brought a bucket of wheat, a cart with firewood and 4 florins (a fortune at that time, because they were enough money to buy 3 or 4 oxen), and was studying grammar, Byzantine teaching, Bible examples, but also the philosophy of the sixteenth century.

Bran Castle

medieval Bran castle

Bran Castle is known because of Count Dracula, a very dangerous and powerful vampire that will suck your blood! Of course, this is just a legend, the subject of a novel by Bram Stoker. But, if you want to see with your eyes if this is just a legend, visit Bran Castle and convince yourself.

Also, Bran is an extraordinary place in terms of landscapes and views. Here, you can find and buy burden cheese, covered in fir bark, having a sensational taste.

Mount Tampa

If you arrive in Brasov and climb Tampa, you can say that you were in the Eastern Carpathians. Yes, Mount Tampa is part of the Postavaru massif and is surrounded almost entirely by the city of Brasov!

After a traditional and tasty meal, a walk on the marked path, up to the top, would be an excellent idea for you if you want to keep your silhouette. If you do not want to burn too many calories, there is the option where you can get on the cable car. It’s fast, and it will get you there. From the 960 m altitude, you will surely get an idea about the walls of the city of Brasov and the surrounding area and, anyway, the view cuts your breath.

The road under Tampa is a nice one too. It is on the edge of the city wall and is full of fresh air and benches from place to place so you can stop to admire the surroundings.