Whether you are coming to Romania for spring break, Easter vacation, or just a quick vacation in March or April, you are in for a treat! Spring is an absolutely wonderful time to visit Romania because it is truly a time when everything starts to come to life!

The snow is melting, the grass is getting green again, the flowers are blooming, Easter celebrations are happening… There is so much fun, excitement and beauty surrounding you when you visit Romania in the Spring. If you are on the fence about visiting this Spring, we hope that this list of amazing locations to visit in Romania will convince you to make the trip!

Celebrate Martisor

Flowers related to Martisor

This is truly one of the most beautiful Romanian spring traditions: Martisor. Martisor is the celebration of the coming of spring and it is celebrated on March 1st. The day is celebrated and symbolized by women and girls wearing red and white pieces of string. Flowers are also often given to women and girls, the most traditional being the snowdrop, which is a beautiful white flower that droops over when it blooms.

If you are here in Romania for Martisor, you might also be able to try a pastry called Mucenici – this is a traditional dessert that is only served on the 9th of March, so if you are here around this date be on the lookout and ask around for the best place to get it!

Rapa Rosie

Rapa Rosie Sebes Romania

You might not have guessed it, but Romania has red rocks of their own, reminiscent of the Grand Canyon. Rapa Rosie, aka the Red Canyon, is located in the Transylvanian county of Alba, in central Romania. Unlike the Grand Canyon, however, Rapa Rosie is topped with green grass.

This is why it is best to visit Rapa Rosie in the spring – the grass and flowers are blooming and bright, and provide beautiful color contrast against the red rocks. If you are curious about how this natural wonder was formed, it is created from natural soil erosion of a plateau. It features an unusual red bed and large shapes of columns, pyramids, and towers.

To get here, you will have to first get to Sebes (via Sibiu) and then head to Daia Romana. You will see hilly terrain ahead if you keep driving you will arrive to Rapa Rosie!

Poiana Narciselor

Poiana Narciselor

Poiana Narciselor, aka Daffodils’ Glade, is the quintessential spring destination! After all, what is a better pair than daffodils in the spring? To get to this beautiful field of wild daffodils, you will have to head to the Rodnei mountains. If you are staying in Brasov, this is a perfect day trip, as the field is only 60 kilometers from the city center. Although Poiana Narciselor is the colloquial name, the official name of this field is Dumbrava Vadului and you will find it within the small village of Vad. Daffodils are beautiful but delicate and are only in full bloom for about two weeks, normally this is during the first two weeks of May, so we would recommend you make the trip out to Poiana Narciselor only if you are here at the beginning of May!

The Peony Reservation in Comana

The Peony Reservation in Comana

If you are into flowers, we have another great viewing destination for you: the forests of Comana. If you are staying in Bucharest, this is a great afternoon trip to take as Comana is only 38 kilometers outside the city.

The peonies come in a variety of colors, but there are plenty of pinks and bright reds. Unfortunately, peonies are another delicate flower – this makes them all the more rewarding to visit, but this also means that you can only enjoy them for a limited time. Normally they are in full bloom the first few weeks of May, so if you are lucky enough to be in Romania during this time of the year, you can enjoy both the peonies and the daffodils!

The Beaches of Vadu, Mamaia, or Corbu

A bed in you cand lay at Mamaia Beach

If you are in Romania in the late spring, it might be warm enough to enjoy the Romanian beaches! A lot of people don’t realize it, but by mid- to late April, it is already warm enough to enjoy the waters! What is even better is that most people do not head to the beaches until around May, so you will likely have the beach almost all to yourself.

Even if you are staying in Bucharest, you can make a day trip out to the beaches as long as you leave early enough in the morning. You can also find accommodations near the beaches to make the excursion a bit easier! Just be sure to check the weather before you commit to the beach, because it still might be just a bit too chilly for your liking – but it is definitely worth looking into!

The Bucharest Botanical Garden

The Bucharest Botanical Garden

CristianChirita / CC BY-SA

If you are staying in Bucharest and want an outdoor activity that doesn’t involve swimming, then the Bucharest Botanical Garden might be the destination for you! This beautiful 17.4-hectare garden dates all the way back to 1860, has quite a few greenhouses, and has more than 10,000 species of plants! This is a gorgeous place to spend a sunny afternoon and is also a great place to picnic if the weather is right.


Beautiful Maramures during sunset

This is an historical region in northeastern Romania whose name means “the Land of Beech Trees”. This is a beautiful, picturesque place that was even given the Pomme d’Or in 1975, a prize for excellence in tourism. Beyond the beech trees, you can also visit the beautiful painted monasteries.

If you are heading to Romania in the Spring, we hope that this list has given you some wonderful ideas of places to visit! Romania is a magnificent country to visit year-round, but during the spring the country has special charm.