Romania is a country located in southeastern Central Europe, on the lower Danube, north of the Balkan Peninsula and on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea. It covers almost the entire Danube Delta area and the southern and central part of the Carpathian Mountains.

I always thought that before visiting other countries and other cities outside, it would be better to know our country better before giving us an idea. Because there are many wonderful places in Romania cities that really deserve to be visited and appreciated.


Bucharest panoramic view

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and, at the same time, the largest city, the industrial and commercial center of the country. The population of 1,944,367 inhabitants makes Bucharest the sixth city as a population in the European Union.

Bucharest is located in the south-east of the country, between Ploieşti in the north and Giurgiu in the south. The city is located in the Vlăsia Plain, which is part of the Romanian Plain. To the east is Bărăganul, in the western part of the Găvanu Burdea Plain, and to the south, it is bounded by the Burnaz Plain.

The legend says Bucharest was founded by a shepherd named Bucur. According to another probable variant, Bucharest was founded by Mircea the Elder at the end of the 14th century.

The city is modeled after several architectural styles, passing through several historical periods, from the kingdom to the communist and then modern times. Because every time Every period has left its mark in the city. Between 1900 and 1930, it was one of the most beautiful and modern cities in Europe, being equal to Paris, so it was named by many contemporaries, Little Paris.


Brukenthal Palace is a part of Brukenthal Museum

Sibiu spans one of the largest medieval citadels in Romania. Once here, the world will direct you to the Great Market; from there, all roads lead to various “to be seen” objectives.

Mentioned for the first time in the year 1411 as a grain market, carnivals, public gatherings, and occasional happenings such as medieval executions took place in the Great Market. A medieval town with a history of 900 years, Sibiu has preserved many testimonies of the past, which present today a special interest for visitors.

With over 100 annual events distributed over a full year, Sibiu offers a pleasant leisure time with varied events for all ages and tastes.

Tower towers, fortress walls and historical monuments are impressive.

With over 100 annual events distributed over a full year, Sibiu offers a pleasant leisure time with varied events for all ages and tastes. Sibiu, often called Hermannstadt, thanks to the German civilization of the region, was founded on the former Roman settlement Celonia.

The medieval fortress was and remains an important economic center of the region, today Sibiu is one of the most developed cities in Romania.


Sighisoara medieval town

The city in Romania that must be visited is Sighisoara. Sighisoara is a municipality in Mures County, Transylvania, Romania. Without modesty, one can say that it is something unique, something you do not find anywhere else.

I would like to advise anyone to visit the only medieval fortress inhabited in Romania. Of course, any other city is attracted by its history, but this place is even more “touristic” as the population and the different characters of the old times have lived here yet. It is a wonderful city, a city where you can live in medieval life. The city abounds in tourist attractions, especially history.

A first objective is the Clock Tower, with a true museum inside, and from the terrace of which the storied town is revealed. A second goal is the Stairs Passage and the Stairs of the School, today with 175 steps.


Black Church Brasov

The Brasovians know the beauty of the place and lead you as children to the chocolate factory. I wore my sneakers in steep places, breathtaking scenery, history museums or chic places where you can barely let your fingers.

In the mountains, the connection between man and nature is stronger than any other. You feel more self-conscious than ever, and at the same time, you learn to relax, to leave the burden behind.

If you are in Brasov, it is worth walking around the Council Square, located in the center of the old medieval town, where you can admire very beautifully decorated buildings in Baroque style. The Council Square is also the scene for the Golden Stag International Music Festival. Also, you can not miss the Black Church, located a few meters away, the largest Gothic church in Romania.


Casino Constanta - historical place in Romania

Constanţa is an important city in Romania, a port city and a tourist city worth visiting.It is worth giving you a chance to spend your holidays in Constanta to discover the old town, Constanta harbors, cobbled buildings, romantic resorts, monasteries and vestiges all over Dobrudja, the beaches of Grindul Chituc and, the customs, with their traditions.

Thus, there is a modern beach in the center of the city, to the port of Tomis, the modern beach, which is reached from a very high cliff, descending a few dozen steps. The sand on this beach is very fine, it is 100-200 meters wide and the entrance to the sea is smooth, the water has a very low depth, a few tens of meters off the coast.

The dining options are numerous in the city of Constanta, which is full of restaurants, pubs, terraces. There are restaurants in all areas of tourist interest: Tomis Port – On Plonge, with specific fishing, very crowded in summer and with a superb terrace to the harbor.