In our increasingly global world, it is becoming more and more important to be able to work with people across cultures. It can be difficult to work with someone from a different culture because not only is there often a language gap, but there are often also large differences in cultures. For efficiency and to be able to work smoothly with others, it is best to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstandings.

The best way to do this is to understand a little about the new culture you are interacting with. If you are going to be working with Romanian people, it will be helpful to learn a bit about this amazing culture. We are going to share with you some of the top generalizations about the Romanian people. Not that this list is not perfectly true for every Romanian, but generally in Romanian culture, this is how the people are. We hope you find this list helpful!

1. Romanians are superstitious

Romania is a very superstitious country as a whole, but how seriously the people take these superstitions vary from individual to individual. That being said, it is not uncommon for people to see a black cat cross their path and believe that they have been cursed with bad luck. Fortunately, there is a cure for this: take three steps backwards and spit on the ground. Superstitious Romanians also do not whistle in the house, as whistling in the house invites in evil spirits. And the surest way to bring seven years of bad luck is to break a mirror or walk underneath a ladder.

2. Romanians believe in hierarchy

Romanian society is very patriarchal. Moreover, the elderly are very much respected for their knowledge and wisdom. Older people often take the head of the table when gathering or having a dinner among friends and family. Similarly, the most senior member of an organization or group is the one who is looked towards, either to lead or to guide with wisdom. And the most senior male of a family is normally considered the head of the family. When you great a family or a couple, you are supposed to greet the husband before the wife.

3. Romanians are quite talkative

Romania Culture - Friendly people

Obviously, this is not true for every single Romanian, but the ones who like to talk really like to talk! Sometimes it is just small talk to strangers – if you are traveling around Romania, don’t be surprised if the person next to you on the train or waiting with you at the bus stop asks you where you are going and why. They will probably be excited when they find out that you are a tourist, and that will likely spark even more conversation. If you are meeting someone for the first time at a social gathering, it is likely that the Romanian will ask you personal details about your life. This is not considered to be rude, but this is how Romanians show interest in you. You maybe should be insulted when Romanians don’t want to know about you – this means they are not interested.

4. Romanians are complainers

Ok, this is one that Romanians do not like to admit, but it is very true: Romanians love complaining. Perhaps this also stems from a love of talking, because it is so easy to make conversation when all you have to do pick faults in the mundane. And although Romanians love complaining about the weather, politics, and more, Romanians do not like hearing foreigners complain – this is thought of as weakness. If you are a foreigner coming to Romania, we recommend listening to complaints and being empathetic, but do not add complaints. Being empathetic and a good listener will definitely help you make friends in Romania.

5. Romanians do not hold grudges

They might complain, but they will not stay mad at you forever. Romanians are loud and honest, and this can sometimes mean that they get into huge fights with their friends and family. They fight it out, go home and cool down. And the next day, they call each other up for coffee or dinner and it is like nothing happened at all. Forgive and forget!

6. Romanians are open and honest

Perhaps this is why Romanians find it so easy to complain! But in all seriousness, Romanians are almost always ready to hear new ideas and they are not too judgmental. Moreover, they are very open to talk about their feelings or to hear yours. When it comes to relationships, romantic or just friendships, Romanians like to keep open lines of communication. They want to hear why you are upset, and they expect you to listen when they are upset too.

7. Romanians are incredibly positive

This might seem weird, considering that we said that Romanians love to complain, but once Romanians are done venting, the positivity is endless. Anyway, Romanians will normally not complain about you or try to be negative with their complaints. When it comes to anything personal, Romanians are positive. Got a new haircut? Your Romanian friend will be the first to notice and compliment you. Have an idea for a new business? Your Romanian friend will be your biggest supporter, no matter how practical the idea. Like we said, Romanians are open and want to hear new ideas, and if it is something they like, or something that will better their lives and their country, they will offer endless support!

8. Romanians are very enterprising

This one goes hand in hand with positivity. Romanians always want to better themselves and better their country, so they are always ready to take the steps to make it forward. Ask a Romanian on advice for how to reach your goals, and they will act as your life coach, because will undoubtedly have endless ideas. The biggest thing, though, is that Romanians stick to their word and to their goals. Romanians are ambitious and will not stop until the job is done, and done correctly.