Visit Transylvania City

Situated right in the center of Romania, Transylvania is by far the best known historical region for several good reasons: its richt history, its castles, churches, various ethnical groups and the beautiful natural landscapes. It will surely be one of the most memorable trip you will experience while visit Transylvania.

One of the best places to travel to in Transylvania is the city of Brasov. It was founded by German settlers, also known as Transylvanian Saxons, therefore the city has an Old Town section with houses and landmarks that are designed in a picturesque German style. The Black Church is one of the most iconic landmarks of the city and in Romania. Very impressive are the mountains around Brasov, which are covered in thick forests that offer this large city one of the best air quality in Romania.

Visit Transylvania City (Mountainous Borders)

All around Transylvania, there are up to 100 valuable fortified churches built by the Transylvanian Saxons in the 15-16th century. One of the most loved churches is situated about hours north of Brasov in the small village, Biertan. Included in the UNESCO patrimony in 1993, the Biertan fortified church is still remembered as the religious centre of the Saxon minority in Transylvania. The surroundings of the village are also known for their quaint streets and vineyards.

Transylvania was from the very begining a very diverse and tolerant area when it came to hosting people from other cultures. Firstly, for a long time Transylvania was under a Hungarian rule, meaning that a large part of the population living here in the Middles Ages was speaking Hungarian and not Romanian. Besides this, German speakers started moving to Transylvania from the 12th century onwards, followed by Armenians, Serbs, Russians, Jews and many others by the 19th century. You will find influences in the traditions, food, and architecture from all of these cultures, making this region a very fascinating blend.

Lastly, if you visit Transylvania, during the course of your entire journey, you will be surrounded by some of the most splendid landscapes since this region has tall mountains, hills and low valleys. There are still forests here that have never been changed by man, they are virgin forests, harbouring one of the most diverse wild life in Europe: bears, wolves, deer, lynx, chamois, just to name a few.

Regardless which part of Transylvania you visit, you will be in awe and enjoy every moment spent here. Check out or Transylvania tours for more possible itineraries and things you can do there.